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Want to be able to quickly launch Google Assistant and search with it? Activate an option on your iPhone or Android phone, and then all you have to do is say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” to launch the virtual assistant. Here’s how.

On Android phones, the keyword to launch Google Assistant is “Hey Google”, while on iPhone it’s “Ok Google”. Both, however, use the same Google Assistant app.

Why activate “Hey Google”?

One of the main reasons to turn on “Hey Google” is so you can summon Google Assistant from anywhere on your phone. Whether you’re browsing a website, listening to songs, or watching a video, just say the keyword and the wizard opens, ready to answer your questions.

Later, if you no longer want to use the keyword “Hey Google”, you can deactivate the function on your phone.
Activate “Hey Google” on Android

To activate “Hey Google” on your Android phone, you will use the official Google app.

Start by launching the Google app on your phone. In the top right corner of the app, tap your profile icon.

In the profile menu, tap “Settings”.

Choose “Settings” from the menu.

On the “Settings” page, tap on “Voice”.

Tap “Voice” on the “Settings” page.

In the “Voice” menu, choose “Voice Match”.

Select “Voice Match” on the “Voice” page.

You will land on a “Hey Google & Voice Match” page. Here, in the “This phone” tab, activate the “Hey Google” option.

Conseil : à l'avenir, pour désactiver "Hey Google" sur votre téléphone, désactivez l'option "Hey Google".

Activate the “Hey Google” option.

And that’s all. From now on, whatever app you’re using, say “Hey Google” to launch the Google Assistant on your phone.

Enable “Ok Google” on iPhone

As with Android, you will also need to use the Google app on your iPhone to activate the “Ok Google” keyword.

To do this, first open the Google app on your iPhone. In the top left corner of the app, tap your profile icon.

On the “Settings” page that opens, tap on “Voice search”.

Select “Voice Search” on the “Settings” page.

On the “Voice search” page, activate the “Ok Google keyword” option. Then, in the upper right corner, tap on “Done”.

Conseil : si vous souhaitez désactiver "Ok Google" à l'avenir, désactivez l'option "Mot-clé Ok Google".

Activate the “Ok Google keyword” option.

What can you ask of Google’s virtual assistant?

Google Assistant brings all the functionality of Google Search to your phone. Once it’s open, you can ask it funny things, order it to compose a text message, and have it perform many other tasks.

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