How to announce your departure to your clients

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That’s it, it’s decided: you have succumbed to the advances of another firm.

It remains to inform your clients of your departure, whom you would like to keep without failing in your obligations towards your future ex-firm.

The manner in which you inform your clients is an important moment in your professional career, points out Attorney at Work.

You will not only inform them of your change of law firm, but also allow them to measure the impact of your departure on their ongoing business. You are going to give them the information they need to make the choice to continue working with your former firm or with you… or elsewhere. The only rule is that the customer decides.

But it is also important to know how to leave the practice well. However, it is prudent to notify clients after announcing your departure to the firm.

Joint letter

Ideally, you should send clients a joint letter, written by the firm and yourself. This letter should remind the client of the freedom of choice to be advised in his affairs.

The joint letter obliges you, the firm and you, to ask each other the right questions about the concrete terms of your end of employment, so as to fulfill your respective obligations.

Above all, it demonstrates that the firm and you, even in this particular situation, cooperate in the best interest of the client. You can indicate that ongoing business can be continued without affecting the interests of the client. The joint letter shows your professionalism to both of you.

This letter also allows you to specify the precise date of your end of employment, as well as the notice after which you can request them again.

But such a joint letter is not always possible: the two parties, the firm and you, must agree on the way to proceed, but also on the final content of the letter.

Although it may seem easier to avoid communicating, good preparation and adequate communication will make the transition less stressful for you and for your customers.


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