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Create your lawyer’s website from Solency

One of the first reflexes of the litigant in search of a lawyer? Do an internet search. Thus, in the absence of an optimized website, a law firm inevitably deprives itself of certain opportunities. The Solency platform, completely free and specially designed to adapt to the needs of the profession, offers the possibility of creating a professional site in a few clicks.

A simple and fluid journey to build the site of your law firm…


Not all lawyers have the same appetite for digital. was designed based on this observation. The steps to create a professional site help guide the lawyer, so as to allow him to obtain a real showcase on the web in 15 minutes :

  1. Presentation of the law firm by completing a series of fields and selecting their specialties.
  2. Personalization of your lawyer’s website by selecting a design, colors, fonts and inserting its logo.
  3. Free custom domain name creation of its site by checking its availability without ever leaving Solency.
  4. Adding pictures lawyers from the firm and selection of images to illustrate his site.
  5. Preview then publish the site! A feature live-edit makes it very easy to modify your website at any time.

Once the site is published, the lawyer can access the messages addressed to him from the contact form and has a dashboard to follow the statistics.

… for a stunning result!

If it is very easy to create a site for free from Solency, the quality is none the less on point! The user lawyer obtains a modern and 100% responsive site. Thanks to the possibilities of personalization, each site created is unique : no risk of having a professional site similar to that of a colleague!

Learn to develop your digital presence thanks to Solency training

Because a digital presence is worked over time, the Solency platform not only invites lawyers to create a site: it is also a question of progressing, of discovering good practices to continually improve one’s online visibility and of developing his activity. By registering on Solency, the lawyer can access a free e-learning space containing a set of training modules.

Online training designed for lawyers

What is the benefit of being present on social networks? How to optimize the referencing of the site of his office on the search engines? How to prospect thanks to digital? By following the modules of his choice, the lawyer can apprehend several operational themes. Each module contains:

  • a quiz,
  • key figures,
  • several small chapters,
  • a final quiz,
  • a podcast 10 to 15 minutes, in which a lawyer intervenes.

Lots of tips to become (at least) as connected as your customers!

Learn digital anywhere and anytime

Many lawyers have very little time to devote to tasks that are not directly related to the progress of their cases. The Solency e-learning space allows lawyers to train at their own pace, whether they have 5 minutes or half an hour to spare. Thanks to a progress barthey can find out where they are at any time and choose to complete the same module several times.

Solency is a completely free service created by KERIALIS, a specialist in the social protection of lawyers’ salaried staff for over 60 years.

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