How to choose your criminal lawyer in Lyon?

The criminal lawyer practices criminal law. He defends his clients in cases of criminal offenses such as fines, misdemeanors or crimes. He intervenes before French criminal courts such as the Court of Assizes, the Criminal Court or the Police Court. The criminal lawyer finds himself confronted with individuals who are accused of serious facts, which this criminal lawyer in Lyon must defend.

How to choose your criminal lawyer in Lyon?

In order to be well advised, defended, your lawyer must provide you with the answers to your questions and, if necessary, represent you in court. Some points can help you choose your lawyer.

  1. The nature of the case you are going to entrust to thelawyer. Depending on your situation, you need to choose a lawyer who specializes in the area that concerns you. For example, for a divorce, it is preferable to favor a specialist in family law.
  2. The location of the office. If you are from Lyon for a practical matter, it is best to find a lawyer in Lyon.
  3. The first contact established with your future lawyer. It is essential to establish a relationship of trust with your lawyer. If this is not the case, consider turning to a colleague.
  4. The reputation oflawyer. Recommendations are always an asset when choosing a lawyer.

What are the duties of a lawyer?

The lawyer is an asset in a multitude of situations. Its mission is:

  • It helps you anticipate difficulties, advising you on the legal effects of different choices. Contacting a lawyer upstream of the difficulties is more judicious than undergoing them. He will put his analysis and advice at your service.
  • It helps you write documentsvarious employment and commercial contracts, formal notices, letters… He drafts deeds for you.
  • It helps you to manage a difficulty with another party, in order to avoid recourse to the courts. He initiates actions to reach an amicable solution. Your lawyer negotiates and finds a solution to your conflicts.
  • He takes legal action on your behalf, or ensures your defense. He assists you in your steps and responds on your behalf to justice.

How much does a consultation with a lawyer cost?

The interview with a lawyer lasts on average about thirty minutes. The rates applied are comparable to those of specialized doctors, that is to say between 50 and 150 euros. This price may vary, as some practices do not charge for the first consultation. The rates applied are specified from the first appointment. Each service has a well-defined price, you will not have any surprises. The fees are calculated according to a package, the results obtained, the time spent or in the form of a subscription.

It is important to specify that the cost of a lawyer is generally amortized by the action he takes. This advice will save you a lot of trouble. Its job is to serve your interests in the short term, as well as in the long term. Not consulting a lawyer can have serious consequences.

Am I required to hire a criminal lawyer?

For certain minor offences, the presence of the criminal lawyer is not compulsory. However, it is strongly recommended, in order to put in place a strategy aimed at avoiding or alleviating the condemnation. As a victim, he will support you during the procedure and obtain compensation for the damage suffered.

During a passage before the Assize Court, the presence of a lawyer becomes obligatory, because it is a question of crimes. Victim or defendant is then accompanied in all stages of the procedure (police custody, investigation, during and after the judgment).

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