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Using an Android phone without a Google account is not a great experience. Of course, it’s still useful for making calls, taking photos, and opening pre-installed apps, but you’ll need to sign in with a Google ID if you want to download anything from the Play Store. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry, it’s easy to create and set up a new one on Android.

If you’ve never set up a Google account or just want to start over, here’s how to create a new account on your smartphone.

Requirements for a Google account (free or paid services)

In the United States, you must be at least 13 years old to open a Google account.

Most Google apps like Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and Drive are free. You can add a payment method (credit card) to your account to buy Play Store apps and subscribe to paid company services like Google One and YouTube Premium. It’s optional, though, and you’re perfectly fine without adding a payment method to your account.

Create a new Google account on Android

The whole process of creating a Google account on Android is simple and won’t take you much time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Your phone’s Settings menu may look slightly different.

  1. Swipe up from your phone’s home screen and open the apps tray. Find it Settings menu with a gear icon and tap on it.
  2. Scroll to Accounts and Backup. On stock Android the option is called Passwords and Accounts.
  3. Press on Manage Accounts. The Manage Accounts option is only available on Samsung phones. Stock Android or Pixel users will see all added accounts in the Passwords and Accounts menu.
  4. To find Add an account option and press it. To select google in the next menu.
  5. Your phone will ask for authentication by fingerprint, pattern or PIN. Verify your identity and select Create an account option.
  6. Google will ask you if you are creating an account for yourself or to manage your business. To select For myself.
  7. Enter your first and last name and press the following bottom button.
  8. Add your birthday and gender on the next screen.
  9. Google will suggest email addresses based on your name with radio boxes. You can choose from the list of suggestions or create your unique Gmail address. To select following.
  10. Enter a complex and strong password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
  11. Add your phone number to Google Account to receive video calls and messages, and reset your password if you forget it. This step is also necessary when setting up 2FA (two-factor authentication) for your Google account. Both are optional, but highly recommended

Read the terms and conditions and you are ready to use your new account. Google will sync your new account across all default apps like Play Store, Gmail, Photos, Drive, Maps, and Duo.

Protect your Google Account with 2FA

It’s important to protect your Google Account with an extra layer of security. After all, if you’re planning to upload precious memories to Google Photos, store files on Google Drive, and save login credentials to Password Manager, it’s essential to protect that data. Recently, Google started enabling two-step verification for many personal accounts.

Before you’re forced to add 2FA (two-factor authentication) to your account, it’s best to set it up now.

  1. Open the Google app on your phone and tap the circular account image at the top.
  2. To select Manage your Google Account and drag to Security tongue.
  3. Tap 2-Step Verification and open the Google account on the web.
  4. To select To start. Enter your Google account password and tap following.

Google will ask you to add a phone number to send OTPs (or one-time passwords) via SMS. However, this method is not foolproof because your text messages are not encrypted and you could be a victim of a SIM Swap hack.

Press on Show more options and select Google Prompt. Confirm the devices where you will get a prompt and tap Continue.

Android uses a tracer to follow your movements like Iphone that it is possible to deactivate

From now on, every time you use your account credentials, Google will send prompts to all phones you’re signed in to. Just tap the notification to review it and connect.

You have successfully created, configured and protected your Google account on Android. We also recommend that you use a dedicated password manager on Android to secure your Google account and all other login credentials for multiple websites.

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