how to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history

You can now very easily delete the search history of your last fifteen minutes of use on your Android smartphone without having to go to the My Account interface where Google groups all your activities.
This feature, which was already present on the iOS version of the Google application, is being rolled out to all Android devices.

Its use is child’s play since it requires only two actions to delete, on the spot, your recent search history. Here’s how.

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1. Update your Google App

If you haven’t already, update the Google app on your Android smartphone. The latest version of the application is still being deployed. It might not be available on your device for a few days. If so, have a little more patience.

2. Delete history

Launch the Google application on your Android smartphone or your iPhone, and tap on your avatar, displayed at the top right of the interface. Then tap on the option Delete the last 15 minutes.

Your search history for the last fifteen minutes of using the application is then automatically erased. This deletion is applied for your entire Google account, which means that it is applied both on your smartphone and on all of your devices where your Google account is connected, whether it is a tablet , a Chromebook, or Google Chrome on a Mac or PC.

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