How to Enable “Enhanced Safe Browsing Mode” in Google Chrome for Safe Internet Browsing Experience?

Google Chrome is one of the leading internet browsers, with an estimated 3.2 billion internet users worldwide in 2021. The browser, which is widely used on PCs and smartphones, promises a host of features to help users users to have a safe and trouble-free Internet experience. This is why Google Chrome offers a safe browsing mode. This mode brings stronger and improved protection measures into the equation, which makes the user’s experience on the Internet safe and secure. Also, the improved Safe Browsing Mode greatly reduces the risk of users getting caught by malware on the web.

Google offers a safe browsing mode for Android users and in all desktop editions of Google Chrome. However, iOS and iPad users have yet to get Safe Browsing Mode on Chrome. If your system is eligible for Google Chrome’s safe browsing mode, read on to learn how to enable it on your system.

    1. Open the Google Chrome browser. Tap/click on the three dots of the Chrome user interface (User-interface).
    2. From the options, choose Settings > Security & privacy on the left > Security.
    3. There you will find three different levels of security: no protection, standard protection and enhanced protection.
    4. Of the three, choose Enhanced Protection and enable it.

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Now, let’s talk about what Google Chrome will give you once you enable Enhanced Protection Mode.

    1. Google Chrome will check websites and add them to a list of potentially dangerous URLs.
    2. It checks whether your personal information, including your email address and passwords, is included in data breaches and sends you an alert if such a breach occurs on the web.
    3. Google Chrome’s improved safe browsing mode reduces phishing risks by 35%.
    4. It recognizes bad websites, even if they are not on the list of potentially dangerous URLs, and uses additional security measures.

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