How to Enable Google Docs Dark Mode


Google Docs defaults to a light theme in most cases, but there’s an easy way to enable dark mode on Android, iPhone, iPad, and even Google Chrome while writing on your computer. We’ll show you how.

We’ll focus on Google Docs, but know that the steps are exactly the same for Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs on Google Chrome

Google Chrome on desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux) lets you turn on dark mode in Google Docs (but remember, this method forces dark mode on all websites). Follow these steps, but beware, as of this writing, they’re hidden behind a Chrome flag.

Avertissement : Cette fonctionnalité n'est pas disponible pour tout le monde pour une raison. Les drapeaux peuvent ne pas fonctionner correctement et avoir un impact négatif sur les performances de votre navigateur. Activez les drapeaux à vos risques et périls.

In the address bar at the top of your Google Chrome browser, type chrome://flags.

Type chrome://flags in the address bar.

Use the search box at the top of the page to search for “Force Dark Mode”.

Find Force Dark Mode under Chrome flags

Click the drop-down menu next to Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and select “Enabled”.

Click on the drop-down menu on the right and select “Enabled”.

Chrome will show you a prompt asking you to relaunch the browser to apply these changes. Make sure you have no unsaved work in the browser, then click “Relaunch”.

Click “Relaunch”.

Open the Google Docs website and you will find that the page color is now black and the font color is now white.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Docs for Android or iPhone

The Google Docs app on Android and iPhone lets you quickly switch from a light theme to a dark theme. If you’ve enabled system-wide dark mode on Android or iPhone, Google Docs will enable it by default. However, if you want dark mode to only apply to Google Docs, here’s what you need to do.

Open Google Docs and tap the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

Tap the top left three-line menu in Google Docs.

Then select “Settings”.

Tap Settings

Now choose the “Theme” option, which will allow you to choose the dark mode. This option is called “Choose a theme” on Android.

Tap Theme

Select “Dark”.

Press Dark

All documents in Google Docs will now open in dark mode. However, you can display the documents in light theme if you wish. To do this, open any document in Google Docs and tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner.

Tap the three-dot button in the top right.

Switch to “Show in light theme”.

Tap View in light theme

This will switch all documents in Google Docs to the light theme while keeping the app in dark mode.

Now that you’ve started using Google Docs, you should learn how to view recent changes to your documents.

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