How to reduce your car insurance premium?

Regularly update your file

Getting insured according to your exact and up-to-date profile is important. By adopting telework, many motorists have driven less since the pandemic. However, many of them also failed to update their records. The driving habits of the owner of a vehicle are part of the parameters that give the final cost of his auto insurance. If the car no longer travels several kilometers on a daily basis, the insurer should be informed. This will revise the policy’s annual mileage estimate and pay a lower insurance premium.

Consolidate all your insurance

Insuring all your vehicles with a single insurer can be the subject of a request for an attractive discount. Rates are more advantageous and premiums are lower when you combine your insurance. Combining car insurance and home insurance is even advisable. In the long term, this solution can constitute a significant saving. Then, it makes font management easier. In addition to any discount, the interested party pays only one deductible in the event of a claim damaging both his home and his vehicle.

Opt for online insurance

Online insurance applies lower rates to compensate for the absence of a physical agency. Compared to traditional agencies, they allow savings of up to 30%. Then, like online banks, they multiply on the web and competition becomes fierce. To stay in the race, they are forced to line up.

Compare the prices

Playing the competition makes it possible to pay less expensive insurance. Indeed, it may seem crazy, but many motorists today choose the first insurer under his nose. However, nowadays, the Internet allows you to take advantage of many insurance comparators. This allows you to find the insurance adapted to your budget.

Avoid reporting certain claims

Insurers have set up bonus-malus systems that allow drivers to accumulate points for their driving and apply these points to their insurance premium. For this reason, it is preferable not to declare a claim if it is not very serious. Settling the claim out of court may be more advantageous for your current bonuses. A driver who does not commit an accident for a long period is considered reliable by the insurance and will be able to benefit from a reduction in his contribution.

Review protection

By reducing the covers, it will be possible to save on the premium. For example, for an older vehicle, it may not be necessary to pay for all coverage. If already, a driver is not comfortable with the idea of ​​lending his car, the “loan of steering wheel” is not necessary. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that compulsory liability insurance alone cannot cover all the repairs necessary in the event of an accident. Taking the time to discuss with your insurer before choosing is therefore advisable. Understanding what will happen in the event of an accident or vandalism will allow you to make the best decision.

Reduce the risk of claims

For a car that is often at rest, an enclosed box that does not tempt thieves is highly recommended. A powerful anti-theft system is also necessary. Then, do not forget to notify your insurance company. If the asset is secure, there is less chance of it being stolen. The insurer can then reduce the contributions.

The promotions

Generally, the insurance contract can be terminated after one year. To challenge the competition, attract new customers and keep current customers, insurers offer promotions. Some insurers go so far as to offer free months. Others offer lower deductibles. Scrutinizing all the offers will thus allow you to pay less. If you have to change insurer to take advantage of a better offer, there is no hesitation. Especially since it is possible to claim your bonus-malus even by changing provider.

Drive carefully

Moreover, we can never repeat it enough: “you have to drive carefully”. If the police are vigilant about distracted driving and speed limits, it makes perfect sense. Using a phone while driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents. Driving without distraction can avoid an infraction, or demerit points which will increase the premium