how to see the evolution of your city since 1985

Here’s how to visualize the changes of a city via Google Earth.

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Google Earth’s Timelapse feature is the result of a compilation of 20 million satellite photos. © CaptureBDM

Go back in time with Google Earth’s Timelapse feature

In April 2021, Google Earth unveiled its Timelapse function. This temporal view makes it possible to discover the notable changes and evolutions of our planet up to 37 years ago. This fascinating feature is the result of the compilation of 20 million satellite photos which make it possible to reconstruct this timelapse effect seen from the sky.

The approach aims to raise public awareness, proposing themes, to be visualized via this temporal view, such as “Metamorphosis of forests”, “Urban expansion” or “Global warming”. In addition to these “guided tours”, Google Earth offers to observe any corner of the world. And why not search for your favorite city and get a temporal view of the last 37 years.

How to observe the timelapse of a city using Google Earth?

To observe the changes of your favorite city, via the Timelapse function of Google Earth, the process is very simple:

  • Go to the Google Earth website,
  • Enter the name of the desired city in the search bar,
  • A wide view of the surroundings is displayed on the screen, you can then zoom in by scrolling with your mouse or by clicking on the + and – buttons located at the bottom of the screen,
  • Click on the name of the city so that its delimitation appears.

You can choose to pause the timelapse, from the bar above the search field. This is to better observe the changes that have taken place over the past 37 years.

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