How to share videos on Google Drive?

Google gives millions of people the answers they’re looking for in seconds. What Google also offers is a workspace where you can work safely and save your data. And many of these working tools are free. One of them is Google Drive. You can not only keep your files safe, but also share them with other people.

You can do this not only with photos, but also with videos. That’s why today we are going to tell you how to share videos on Google Drive. This sharing technique can help you be in close communication and synchronization, especially when your work is related.

Even if that doesn’t work, you can still share your videos with people and stay in tune with the people you share them with. As the file owner, you can also control the settings of who can do what with your file. Security is therefore in your hands, in your settings.

Let’s start today with videos, and how to share videos on Google Drive.


You can share an already uploaded video or upload one and then share it. You can do this on a desktop computer or on your phone. To share a video file already uploaded to Google Drive, you need to do the following:

  1. Find the video you want to share on Google Drive.
  2. Right-click on the video and press Share.
  3. Add your Google contacts or the email addresses of people you want to share this file with, then tap Done.

If you haven’t uploaded the video to your Google Drive yet, follow these steps to upload it.

  1. Open Google Drive and click New.
  2. Find the video to upload in your computer’s folders and click Open.

In your phone’s Google Drive app, you need to tap the + button to download a video and find the video in your phone’s directory. Then you hit download and your job is done.


What is link sharing on Google Drive?

Sharing a video or any other file on Google by sharing its link is link sharing on Google Drive. The advantage of this method is that it allows the owner of the file to control how the recipient can interact with the file.

Anyone with the link can perform the following actions, depending on the permissions set by the owner:

Visionneur : Visualiser uniquement le fichier
Commenter : Écrire des commentaires sur le fichier
Éditeur : Peut éditer le fichier

Note: One advantage of Google Drive link sharing is that if you need to send an attachment larger than 25MB, you can save the video to Google Drive and insert that link into your email. When composing your email, you need to tap Drive and choose the video you want to send. And Gmail automatically adds a Google Drive link to the file rather than turning it into an attachment.

Can I send a video from my phone to Google Drive?

It’s possible. You just need to select the video you want to send to Google Drive. It would be easier to use the “Photos” app. Then tap “Send” or “Share,” depending on what’s available on your phone. Then click Save to Google Drive and press Save.


We hope you have learned today how to share videos on Google Drive. It can be not only a safe space, but also a controlled environment. So there is nothing to fear.

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