How to use Google Smart Lock to unlock your smartphone more easily?

Did you know that your smartphone can stay automatically unlocked at home? Or that you can turn off the lock when certain Bluetooth devices are connected to it? All this is possible thanks to Smart Lock, a rather unknown but very practical Google feature. In this tutorial, NexPit shows you how to use Google Smart Lock.

  • Google Smart Lock offers many convenient unlocking features for your smartphone
  • For example, you can keep your smartphone unlocked at home or not lock it when your Bluetooth headphones are connected.
  • This is a fairly old feature but very little known

Do you unlock your smartphone with a classic unlock code, a pattern or even with the fingerprint sensor? When traveling with friends or in public, locking your smartphone provides better security and even in the event of theft, it is more difficult to access your data. But worrying about all that is less important when you’re at home, lying on your couch.

At home, it can be a pain having to unlock your smartphone all the time. If your smartphone has a side or back fingerprint sensor, for example, you will always have to hold it in your hand to unlock it. Whatever the scenario, Google has an exciting feature called Smart Lock, which offers exactly what the name suggests: smart unlocking.

How to use Google Smart Lock?

Smart Lock is integrated into several Android overlays in different places. But you should still find the feature under the name “Smart Lock” in Android’s security settings. You can also check in your smartphone settings if the feature is present! Once there, you will need to enter your password or unlock pattern for security reasons. You can choose between three options:

  1. Device detection when worn: The feature uses different sensors on your device to detect when you have it in your pocket after unlocking it. If you put it on a table, for example, it will lock automatically.
  2. Places checked: Your smartphone will remain unlocked based on your location. Besides your home address, you can also set other locations with GPS.
  3. Devices checked: This option is particularly practical in combination with headphones, a smartwatch or your home stereo. With a familiar device connected via Bluetooth, your smartphone will remain unlocked. It can also be practical for motorists who use their smartphone as a navigation system.
Smart Lock Google Android

Smart Lock is a really practical function to comfortably use your smartphone / © NextPit

How to disable Google Smart Lock?

Even though Smart Lock is very convenient, all three options reduce the security of your smartphone. Although it is unlikely that a thief will pass by your house and be able to unlock your smartphone after stealing it, it is still a way to unlock it without your knowledge.

Rest assured, you can disable Google Smart Lock at any time. To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone, press Security and location then Smart Lock. Enter your password, select the option you want to disable, then follow the instructions.

For the option of detection when smartphone is worn, just turn off the switch. For the locations and devices checked, simply delete the device(s) and locations of your choice. Be careful for places, be sure to delete them for all your Google accounts (if you have several) by tapping on your email address at the top of the window.

how to deactivate google smart lock 1

You can very easily disable Google Smart Lock on your Android smartphone. / © NextPit

Did you already know about Smart Lock? Do you use this function? Let me know in the comments!


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