How to Use Guides to Position Google Slides Elements


When creating a presentation in Google Slides, you may want precise control over the position of your objects and images. You can easily align elements on your slides using guides. Since you can customize these guides, you can position the elements perfectly.

A slide can contain several types of objects, such as text boxes, images, shapes, or videos. To arrange them evenly, you can not only align them using the guides, but also snap the elements to the lines of the guides for easier positioning.

Show guides in Google Slides

By default, guides are hidden in Google Slides. You have two ways to display them.

Select View > Guides > Show Guides from the top menu. Or, right-click on the slide, hover your cursor over Guides, and choose “Show Guides” from the context menu.

Select Show guides in Google Slides

You will then see the dark lines of the guides appear on your slide. They are laid out exactly the same no matter which slide you are viewing. Guides are not visible during your presentation.

Default guides in Google Slides

To hide the guides again, go to the same location and select “Show Guides” to deselect it.

Edit guides in Google Slides

When you enable guides, you only see a few baselines, horizontally and vertically. You can edit these lines, add more, or delete the ones you don’t need. You can also use exact positioning and apply color to a guide for additional help.

To quickly move a guide, place your cursor on the line. When you see the two-sided arrow, drag the line to the desired position.

Drag a guide to move it

To add a new guide, go to View > Guides from the menu or right-click and go to Guides. Then choose “Add vertical guide” or “Add horizontal guide”.

Add a vertical or horizontal guide

To delete a single guide, right-click on it and choose “Delete Guide” from the context menu. To remove all guides, right-click on the slide, switch to guides, and choose “Clear Guides”.

Selection and Removal Guide

To edit the exact positions and color the guides at the same time, open the Edit Guides dialog. Do one of the following:

Allez à Affichage > Guides > Modifier les guides dans le menu.
Cliquez avec le bouton droit de la souris sur la diapositive, déplacez-vous jusqu'à Guides dans le menu contextuel et choisissez "Modifier les guides".
Cliquez avec le bouton droit de la souris sur un guide actuel et sélectionnez "Modifier les guides".

Select “Edit guides

When the Edit Guides dialog opens, use the Vertical and Horizontal tabs at the top to adjust the lines.

Modifiez la position d'un guide en saisissant l'emplacement dans la zone de mesure.
Choisissez une couleur pour le guide en utilisant la flèche déroulante de la palette.
Supprimez un guide en cliquant sur le X à droite.
Ajoutez un guide en cliquant sur "Ajouter un nouveau guide" en bas.

Click “Done” when finished.

Edit Guides Window

Attach Elements to Guides

If guides are useful for organizing the elements of your slides, they are even more so if you clip your elements to them. In the menu, go to View > Snap to and select “Guides”.

Select “Snap To Guides

Now when you drag an object onto your slide, you’ll see a red line where it lines up with a guide. This helps you place your items evenly.

Snap an object to a guide

To learn more about Google Slides, see “How to wrap text around images” or “How to add image placeholders”.

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