huge Parisian failure, big blow from Nantes, Leonardo angry


Verratti on arbitration: “We get pissed off!”

Marco Verratti on Canal +: “How is it possible that we take ten yellow cards! The referee, we can’t talk, we can’t do anything. We can’t talk at all with the referee. It’s the only match… the only referee who does things like that. How is it possible not to give a yellow card (on Appiah at the end)? It’s yellow, it’s red, it’s a penalty. The referees, sometimes you have to take responsibility because there, you get shit on by the referees.”

Verratti not so worried

Marco Verratti on Canal+: “We didn’t defend well on counter-attacks and we conceded three such goals. That’s the only regret we have tonight. We created clear chances, lack of success, the goalkeeper saved a penalty and made great saves. But we had chances, we sorted that out in the second half, we were better. That’s football, we have to give them credit. It didn’t matter. to do with Tuesday’s game, when you win, you don’t party, you work.”

Leonardo’s rant about arbitration

Leonardo on Canal +: “I’m going to try to be calm and breathe. It’s not about losing, we can lose, Nantes deserved to win. We knew that after a C1 match, there is this waiting in the stadiums. Paris is the team to beat and the referee knows it. From the start, it was a match in strength. We conceded two goals, it was deserved. After the match was no longer controlled, for Nantes and for us elsewhere. Afterwards, there is a minute of additional time and the penalty is whistled at four minutes! I don’t want to cry. We lost, it’s deserved. But against us, he there’s the urge to say ‘I whistle against you’. On Verratti, Mbappé, we don’t whistle… Honestly the fault on Mbappé (Pallois editor’s note) he didn’t even whistle the fault! Appiah, he whistled red, it wasn’t red. The VAR doesn’t work then it starts working again. The second yellow on Appiah… and no. We lost the match. Hats off to Nantes, big game, I’m very happy for Kombouaré but if we keep managing the match… I don’t like it.”

Nantes won 3-1 against PSG!

The match was crazy and Nantes led 3-0 at the break. Neymar quickly closed the gap in second, but Lafont put on an outstanding performance, notably stopping a penalty from the Brazilian. We had an incredible evening!

Di Maria is warned too

Collision along the sideline. There is one minute of added time left.

Hakimi took a yellow

For dispute during changes.

Ovation de la Beaujoire for the three outgoing

Merlin, Blas and Simon are replaced by Traoré, Pereira de Sa and Coco. It’s long, but everyone seems to have understood that the victory was won in Nantes.

Di Maria tries his classic direct corner

But it takes more to surprise Lafont today.

The firm hand of Lafont!

Center back to find Draxler at the entrance to the box. The German applies a little too much and the Nantes goalkeeper does not take any risks.

Mbappé is warned

A bit of frustration from the attacker, who drags his feet and spends a lot of time complaining.

2.64 expected goals at 3.62

It’s the game of the century, folks.

Triple change on the Parisian side

Neymar, Bernat and Kehrer are replaced by Di Maria, Hakimi and Mendes.


Draxler misses his ball control in the area and the ball arrives almost by chance at Mbappé, alone against Lafont and who sends the ball 20 meters above!


Lafont had come out to force Mbappé into a center back for the Argentinian, whose control is a little missed and cleared for a corner by Girotto.

Appiah is replaced by Corchia

Wise decision, since he came close to the red card.

First substitution of the game

Wijnaldum is replaced by Draxler.

Lafont comes out of his box in front of Messi

He is everywhere, it would not surprise us to see him score the fourth from a corner.

The atmosphere is as crazy as the game

Another ordinary Saturday in the Millennium Championship.


Neymar takes his classic small steps, but Lafont does not move until the last moment and jumps to the right side to collect the ball.


Mbappé is still launched in the area. He fakes the shot, hooks, and is carried away by Appiah’s tackle. The Parisians claim a second yellow for the side.


At the stop, Simon manages an impeccable cross for Kolo Muani alone at six meters. Bernat is the only one to have felt the blow and clears in extremis.

Lafont remains focused

Mbappé is launched well alone and shoots at a tight angle. Lafont keeps watch and pushes back with both hands.

The PSG-Real film is available!

If you have a dual screen…

Yellow card for Neymar

The Brazilian kicked the ball in anger after an uncalled-for foul.


Good ball from Messi and Neymar has fun in the area, with a feint of the left foot, a dribble behind the support leg and the goal of 3-1 from the start of the second period!

Here we go again !

No changes at the break.

It’s the break !

Nantes 3-0 PSG, you read the scoreboard correctly!

Perfect first period for the Canaries, who quickly opened the scoring by Kolo Muani, doubled the bet by Merlin in the top corner at the quarter of an hour, and put the third in stoppage time by Blas on penalty. On the other side of the field, Lafont is disgusting Messi, Mbappé and Neymar!


Navas had not moved too much, but he can only touch. 3-0 in a crazy atmosphere!


Wijnaldum’s loose hand prevented the ball from going to goal, and the Dutchman is cautioned.

The referee returns to the screen

This time for a Parisian hand on a Nantes corner… This end of the half is crazy!


La Beaujoire celebrates like a goal: the expulsion is canceled!

The referee will look at the screen

Appiah does not really annihilate a goal opportunity (even if all the balls touched by Mbappé are). We’ll see what he decides…


The Nantes right side hangs Mbappé in front of the corner of the surface.

Mbappé resumed his place

He still grimaces. We will follow that.

Another VAR problem

It’s the second time this Saturday, after Lens-Lyon.

Mbappé always gets treatment

He is now at the edge of the field. PSG inevitably holds its breath.

Yellow card for Verratti, Mbappé winces after the intervention of Pallois

For dispute. The Italian was not completely wrong in saying that Pallois deserved a warning too. The defender made a big tackle on Mbappé, who remains on the ground…

Blas wraps well from afar

And it finally passes not so far from the post of Navas, which seemed beaten.

Kolo Muani pushes his ball too much

He had started on the right side, but misses his ball control. There are always so many spaces in the Parisian defense and we are witnessing an excellent match.

The free kick ends up in the wall

Messi leaves it to Neymar, who doesn’t lift the ball enough.

Neymar more and more dangerous

The Brazilian slaloms to the edge of the area and gets a very dangerous free kick.

Navas also shines

The Nantes were very close to 3-0, but the Costa Rican goalkeeper won his duel from a tight angle with Simon.


We don’t know what to say anymore! The Parisians arrive at 3 against 1 defender, Mbappé shifts Neymar full axis … and shoots Lafont.


The collective action of PSG was sublime, and concluded with a delicious pass from Messi to shift Gueye. The Senegalese shoots while tackling, and obviously sees his shot being repelled by Lafont.

Mbappé also stumbles on Lafont

We saw a little too much that he wanted to open his foot, and it will take more to beat the Nantes goalkeeper today.

In the aftermath, a foul not whistled on Messi leads to a dangerous cross from Simon which is badly caught in front of the six meters. The Nantes counterattacks hurt a lot!

Castelleto is the first informed player

And Canal + reports that the VAR is a priori returned.


He will remember his first goal in Ligue 1 for a long time, since he finds the opposite corner with his left foot from the entrance to the area. 2-0 for Nantes!

Messi plays his 800th club game tonight

And he was decisive more than 800 times (679 goals, 273 assists). Even if some would say that it goes back mainly to the Barça era…

Girotto tries his luck from afar

It’s powerful and tense, and Navas has to do it twice to get the ball. The people of Nantes do not have any complexes.


The Nantes goalkeeper intervenes this time in front of Messi, who was however perfectly placed.

The game resumes

It took a bit of time, since the referee came to discuss with the coaches. Maybe to warn them that the video is not working today, the storm Eunice causing many worries.


What ultra vertical action from the Canaries. The very long one-two between Simon and Kolo Muani allows the second to be launched into the box. He beats Navas from a perfectly placed exterior. 1-0!

Lafont already decisive!

PSG also start strong, with Neymar finding Bernat thrown into the box. The left side stumbles on Lafont!

Nantes comes to get PSG very high

Early game drum beating for the Canaries, with pressing on Navas. It changes wait-and-see teams like Real Madrid.

Let’s go !

With a few seconds of delay, the time that the fog of the smoke rises.

Both teams are on the field

La Beaujoire is sold out, and there is a very nice atmosphere. As usual.

February 19 does not succeed at PSG

It’s the somewhat absurd stat of the day: February 19 is the only day that PSG have played more than 5 games without winning a single one. We still hope that Nantes has prepared a solid game plan without relying solely on it.

The composition of PSG

Six changes for PSG compared to the eleven aligned against Real. The return of Neymar

Navas – Kherer, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Bernat – Verratti, Wijnaldum, Gueye – Messi, Neymar, Mbappé.

Again the black jersey for Paris

It will be a black jersey for the Parisians tonight

A big absentee: Sergio Ramos

Argentinian midfielder Leandro Paredes, hit in the thigh, and central defender Sergio Ramos, recovering, did not make the trip to Nantes?

Holder Tuesday during the victory of PSG against Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Paredes (27) remained “in care for discomfort in the adductors”.

Former Real captain Sergio Ramos “continues his individual training for his injury” to a calf.

Recruited with great fanfare in July, Ramos (35) missed the first five months of competition due to calf problems, before returning to competition and then relapsing at the end of January.

Good evening everyone

Welcome to our live commentary to follow the meeting of the 25th day of Ligue 1 between FC Nantes and Paris Saint-Germain. Mauricio Pochettino, who expects “a complicated match” against Antoine Kombouaré’s men, should make several changes, at least three, in his starting line-up. Neymar and Idrissa Gueye are expected to start in place of Angel Di Maria and Leandri Paredes, package for groin discomfort. the Brazilian is expected as a starter, a first since the end of November and a small event in the Paris SG season, which needs the striker to pick up the pace before the spring European deadlines.

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