“I can’t wait to see the Meinau applaud him”… How the neo-Bleu Jonathan Clauss will be welcomed in Alsace

A few whistles at the start of the game and an ovation at the end. Jonathan Clauss had a contrasting evening on Tuesday for his first tenure with the Blues against South Africa (5-0). In Lille, the public had not completely forgotten that the winger evolves daily with the neighbor of RC Lens.

What will happen on Sunday in Strasbourg? The kid from Oshoffen, a village about fifteen kilometers from the Alsatian capital, will play almost at home. But not with the blue jersey of Racing, the blood and gold of another Racing. “Throughout the match, he will remain an opponent for us, supporters”, explains Philippe Wolff.

However, the president of the Federation of RCS supporters does not exclude some encouragement for the local hero. “Before the match, I think he will be applauded because there is a certain Alsatian pride in seeing local players being called up to the Blues” Like the timid marks received by Morgan Schneiderlin, also a native of Strasbourg and French international, when he came to La Meinau with OGC Nice. Or like when Thierry Henry was warmly praised for his first on the AS Monaco bench in 2018. The Strasbourg public was simply honoring a legend of his sport.

“We will shout at the announcement of his name”

This Sunday, Jonathan Clauss will in any case be able to count on his relatives to chant his surname. “That’s for sure, we’re going to scream when his name is announced”, promises his best friend Loïc Schneider. He won’t be alone in ranting. “We should be a dozen friends, if he manages to get us all places”, continues the one who has followed the player in Marseille and Lille in recent days.

On the family side, “a dozen people” are announced. Including Julie… who missed her brother’s first steps in Blue. “We were on vacation in the Canary Islands, it was already booked when we found out he was selected. But this time, we will be there! “, she laughs, promising to wear the Lensois jersey in the stands. Not necessarily to deploy a banner to the glory of his eldest… “Perhaps, I don’t know yet, we have to come back to France already! »

Fans of Jonathan Clauss can in any case count on a little help from the stadium announcer. Jean-Luc Filser promises, he will “insist on him during the presentation of RC Lens. after his first and last name, I will pause for him to be applauded. I’m sure the Meinau will welcome him as it should. »

“It’s a bit like his stadium here too”

“I can’t wait to hear that and I’m sure it will please Jo”, reacts Loïc Schneider. “When the club was still in the CFA or National, we often came there together and he himself said that this atmosphere was crazy and that he got chills. It’s a bit like his stadium here too, he’s going home. »

Not very far in any case from a training center he attended for ten years (2000-2010), before being released. “At that time, he was not ready but all the people who knew him here have very good memories of him, an easy-going kid”, assures François Keller, the director of the premises. “We were all delighted with his selections for the Blues. Jonathan Clauss may even soon be entitled to his photo portrait in the entrance to the Racing Mutest Academy. Alongside those of Martin Djetou, Mohamed Simakan and other Anthony Caci, all of whom have become pros thanks to Racing. “If that’s the case, we’ll put it on with the France team jersey! »

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