“I love him more than my life”, the story of the little dog who rides a mechanical horse

A charming video of a man putting his dog on a wooden horse caused a stir on the Internet. Some local media have therefore taken it upon themselves to investigate this man.

The protagonist of this story is Don Guillermo Hernández, he is 53 years old and his charming companion is a very adorable little dog who wags his tail every time the mechanical horse starts.

His dog, a 10-year-old Terrier mix, has been with him since she was a puppy.

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Don Guillermo put his dog on the mechanical horse and they then played together for a few seconds. As soon as the game starts spinning, the little female dog’s tail moves so much it looks like a helicopter!

Among all the comments generated by the viral video, some users were able to identify that the site of this recording was located in Santa Maria, California, the largest city in Santa Barbara County.

female dog
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“She is my doctor, my baby, my therapist (…) I love her more than my life”, Don Guillermo told the Santa Maria Times. He also adds that he didn’t know what TikTok is, but is happy that this moment made many people on the Web laugh.

This man worked all over the state of California in the construction industry for a long time, until he was declared disabled by law, because it was impossible for him to continue his work. Today, this man spends his days cycling with his animal on his head, riding a horse for fun and spending time with his friends at the site where they were filmed.

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