In Angerville, Julien and Lætitia move heaven and earth to find their sick dog “Stitch”

Stitch, a 6-year-old Asian pocket bully, ill, disappeared on Friday March 25, 2022 in Angerville.
Stitch, a 6-year-old Asian pocket bully, ill, disappeared on Friday March 25, 2022 in Angerville. ©The Pays d’Auge

On Friday March 25, 2022, it was around 7 p.m. when Julien and Lætitia Lhomme realized that their dog Stitch — a 6-year-old Asian American bully pocket, smooth-haired, brown, 30 kg, neutered and chipped — was not more within the confines of their establishment, a car garage located on the departmental road 45c along the A13 motorway, in the town of Angerville, near Dozulé (Calvados). They then go around the structure, without success. “We looked for him everywhere in the park, even in the neighbours’ gardens”. They contact the customers who came the same afternoon, also without success. “It was a sunny day. He was outside. There were a lot of customers. He could have gotten into a car. He loves the car,” explains Laëtitia.

Their searches are in vain. However, they do not give up and their investigations leave no doubt: “Stitch was stolen from us between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.”, says Laëtitia crying, very affected by the disappearance of “my son”. Julien then explains: “the fence at the bottom is collapsed, there are footprints on the grass in the same place. Next to it, the hedge is trampled and there are traces of car tires”.

Suffering from pododermatitis

For its two owners, “Stitch didn’t leave on its own. He couldn’t save himself. It’s impossible “. There are several reasons behind their cries of pain. “There are two meter fences around the garage compound. The dog’s outdoor enclosure is secure. Added to this is that “he is not a runaway dog. He is with us all day, does not leave us, gets into my husband’s truck, ”explains Laëtitia. “It’s a race that is afraid of abandonment and has only one master. He is a protective and couch dog, ”adds her husband.

In addition, “he was in full crisis and very out of breath. He was barely walking” at the time of his disappearance. Sure enough, their dog has chronic pododermatitis and his paws are poorly developed.

He needs daily medical treatment. He has to take antibiotics and when he is in crisis he has special shampoos and cortisone creams.

Julien and Laetitia Lhomme

Pododermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. It affects the pads, the spaces between the fingers, the tissues that cover the phalanges and the claws themselves. “In the absence of treatment, it can become infected and cause bouts of fever”, explains Julien.

Why ?

“I don’t understand”, sighs Laëtitia who wonders about the reason for such an act.

He is castrated. He has a deformed nose. He is sick. He has a strabismus. What’s the point of taking so many risks in the middle of the afternoon, on a sunny day when there are lots of people in the yard?.

Julien and Laetitia Lhomme

The owners deploy all the means they can to find their dog. They called all the vets. They posted numerous messages on social networks. “I know a lot of people and for me Stitch will come back,” hopes Julien. Moreover, Laëtitia and Julien thank all the people who left them messages of support. “We try to respond to people as much as possible, but we cannot respond to everyone. It’s impossible “.

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They also filed a complaint with the Villers-sur-Mer gendarmerie for the disappearance of their dog. Contacted by telephone, Major Sébastien Béker thinks that “the dog was attracted by something or by a person”.

We did some research around. We looked for reports of injured dogs. We have made investigations and the research we have done does not allow us to say that the dog was injured or that something happened to him on the road.

Major Sébastien Béker of the Gendarmerie Brigade of Villers-sur-Mer

The investigation is ongoing. According to the Major, “the dog could not have disappeared on its own.

From now on, Julien and Laëtitia Lhomme are appealing to the thief(s): “give us back Stitch or drop him off in a secure place where we can be reached like a town hall or a veterinarian”.

Practical: Contact Julien and Laëtitia Lhomme on 06 69 10 31 14.

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