In… Audrey’s apartment: “I spend almost nothing on electricity”

Furry cat, terrace, color codes and beautiful illustrations.

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For those who have known Madmoizelle for a while, you may remember our episode “In the apartment of…” ? Stopped in 2017, it is back in operation now.

For this seventeenth episode, we’re going to visit Audrey’s nice apartment!

In… Audrey’s apartment

  • What is your first name and age?

Audrey, 35 years old.

  • What do you do for a living?

I’m a National Education Officer and no, I’m not a teacher! I work with administration.

  • What is the pedigree of your apartment? (location, how many square meters, monthly rent or purchase price)

I live in a city in the metropolitan area of ​​Dijon. My T2 is 45 m² plus a small terrace of approx. 10 m² on the ground floor in a small building. I am a tenant. My rent is €660, fees included, with a garage and a basement.


It’s very expensive for the location, but that’s the price of having a patio, which I absolutely need for my cat, who makes me miserable if she can’t stretch her legs outside.


I live alone with my cat: Artemis, 50% angora, 50% alley cat, 100% princess.

  • If you had to give one word or phrase to describe your home, what would it be?

Practice. It’s small, but it has everything you need.

  • If you were to interview your apartment, what would be the positives and negatives?

The positive points: it’s well laid out, very well soundproofed and insulated (I spend next to nothing on electricity and these days that’s important).

I have two strips of soil on the patio so I could put aromatic plants that I use for cooking. From the terrace there is a view of hedges and a large park, so there is no opposition, and Artémis can go outside without risking being run over.


The negative points: it’s expensive for a medium-sized city, all the wallpaper needs to be redone (thanks to the 1950s provencal style), the kitchen and bedroom are small, I can’t really enjoy the terrace in the summer because we hear the neighbors of the buildings around, it is far enough from my work and from the city center.


Can you show us one (or more) item(s) that we can only find at home? An item found, made, inherited…

I have a great passion for illustrations. I love to pick them up from artists at markets or on the internet. I then look for the frame that goes well, nice and cheap.


I’d rather decorate my walls than have too many trinkets to dust off! I also always bring something back from my travels, either an antique or a nice handmade object. So a lot of unique stuff at the end.

  • Do you have a decorating idea, not too expensive or downright DIY, that you are too proud of and want to share?

You can find a lot of handmade things with me! I am very manual and love all kinds of crafts. I often participate in workshops. I have already made ceramics, jewelry, glassware…


The paper flower wreath in the room is mine (my friends helped me cut petals) and during pottery workshops I made plates, shishas (Japanese dogs to protect the house) and a daruma (Japanese figure to grant a wish). I have already made a felt cactus etc. I never stop!

  • Is it that you had a big wallet for something in your home?

My biggest crush was the couch. I wanted something big enough to accommodate all my guests and be able to lie down in the evening and watch a good movie. It also doubles as a queen-size bed, so it’s convenient for guests who want to sleep in it at night.


Otherwise, most of the furniture is bought second-hand. And if I can’t find anything used, I wait for the sale.

  • What are your decorating skills?

Since I have ADHD, I need everything to be in its place and as visible as possible. Everything is always tidy, it’s a matter of peace of mind. I divide everything into boxes or baskets.


I also try not to mix too many different styles and colors in one room, it eases my mind. I also pay a lot of attention to details. When I have a specific idea in mind for decorating, it can take me weeks, months, even years to find exactly what I want.

  • Where do you feel most at home?

On the couch, with a throw, a comedy channel running on YouTube and the cat on my lap (who only deserves to spare me his presence when it’s cold).

  • What is the most frequently played music in your home?

None since I got my cat. I realized I was using my stereo just out of loneliness.


Suddenly the CDs moved into the car. Favorite recent artist: Flint Eastwood.

Flint Eastwood - Monster (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  • Do you have work or decorating projects?

If the owner would let me, I would redo all the wallpaper of questionable taste that must have been there for a good 30 years.

  • Do you follow Instagram accounts for interior design inspiration?

No, I very rarely go on Instagram. I get some inspiration from Tumblr and interior design stores. I mainly work on my favorite pieces while trying to follow the color codes on my pieces.

  • How long do you see yourself living in your home?

I would like to leave as soon as possible to invest in a house with a small garden. But given property prices at the moment and my not crazy salary, it’s complicated! But I’d rather wait until I find exactly what I want than take something that only half pleases me.

Thanks to Audrey for this lovely visit!

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