In Figeac, a colony of white storks causes a sensation on the banks of the Célé

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Harbingers of spring, the white storks made a very noticeable stop in the heart of Figeac where they spent the night from Monday to Tuesday. A stage in the city rather rare for these migratory birds that many inhabitants took pleasure in observing.

The residents of Célé in the city center of Figeac could not believe their eyes on Monday evening April 11, when they saw around twenty white storks having decided to make a stopover on their great annual trip. It must be said that white storks gather in roosts for the night, usually on trees to avoid predators.

Also from 7 p.m. until nightfall, it was an incessant aerial ballet above the river, the time for these ladies to find a tree to their liking before the greetings by prolonged and very loud snapping of beaks , head thrown back and touching the back. An incredible spectacle which delighted the inhabitants of the Lot sub-prefecture, delighted to attend this rather unusual moment in the heart of the city.

” It was magical “

“It was quite extraordinary. We saw them gather above the Célé. It was magical,” says Marie-Thérèse Régnier, whose house is located on the banks of the river. Like her, many Figeacois observed and immortalized the presence of storks who continued their merry-go-round at Place de la Raison. Tuesday morning, the schoolchildren of the Jeanne-d’Arc primary school were able to admire them at their leisure, placed on the top of the Saint-Sauveur abbey, not really inclined to leave the city, a light wind still being felt. .

In the middle of the migration period, this beautiful well-known bird does not go unnoticed. According to local observers, this colony from sub-Saharan Africa has certainly been disturbed by the violent wind that has been blowing over the region for several days and has even found itself far from its usual route which should take it to the far north where they breed.

They are headed a priori to Germany

At the territorial management of the Lot of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) Occitanie, the first data recorded from Figeac counted 22 storks on Monday evening. The photo of one of them ringed will make it possible to identify precisely the path traveled by this colony which is heading a priori towards Germany.

“Usually storks will rather settle in a meadow or in a field for the night. The fact that they stopped in the middle of town is a small rarity but this corridor is quite frequent for storks. Many migrants are in the sector, in particular the osprey which we see a lot at the moment, ”says Nathan Findrie, research officer at the LPO based in Cahors.

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