In India, birds fall exhausted and dehydrated from extreme heat

The heat waves sweeping across the planet are causing collateral victims. In India, in the state of Gujarat, dozens of birds and bats fall every day, exhausted and dehydrated, veterinarians and rescuers report to the Reuters news agency. At the veterinary hospital in Ahmedabad, doctors say that the situation has been going on for a few weeks: nearly 2,000 birds have already been treated by them.

“We receive at least 50 to 60 dehydrated birds daily”, explains to AFP Gira Shah, the director of the veterinary hospital. A figure increasing by 10% according to Manoj Bhavsar, one of the rescuers. “This year has been one of the worst in recent times,” he laments to Reuters.

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Veterinarians are forced to inject ultra-vitamin tablets and water into their mouths using syringes to save them. Some also suffer from broken wings after falling from trees. About one in four birds does not survive.

“The temperature is approaching the physiological limits”

For the hospital’s curator, Sherwin Everett, this spring’s heat wave was one of the worst he’s ever seen for birds.

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In recent weeks, India and Pakistan have been facing an extreme heat wave. Temperatures hovered around 50 degrees in mid-April in some parts of the country. In addition to animals, they have a direct impact on humans. In its latest report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted the intensification of heat waves and humidity-related thermal stress in South Asia due to climate change. climatic. “The temperature is approaching the physiological limits”explained to “Obs”, a few days ago, Thibault Laconde, engineer specializing in climate risks.

India and Pakistan crushed by an early heat wave, aggravated by the humidity of the region

If no human toll concerning this heat peak has been communicated, these extreme heat waves have already killed in previous years. In spring 2015, more than 2,500 people in India and 1,100 in Pakistan died.

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