in Lormont, he martyrs his dog and hits his companion

He is accused of having abused his dog and of having hit, insulted and threatened his concubine when she intervened to stop his actions.

deep wounds

The couple lives in Lormont and owns two American Staffordshires, category 2 guard and defense dogs. For several weeks, their neighbors have been hearing the cries of pain from the two Staff, beaten up. The SPA was alerted and moved, accompanied by the police, to ascertain the veracity of the report.

Both dogs were weakened, in particular a female who was picked up by the SPA and examined by a veterinarian whose diagnosis left no doubt. Traces of blows and burns were observed as well as deep wounds likely to have been caused by the blade of a knife.

The scalded female dog

While the second animal was entrusted to a member of the family, the owner was placed in custody in the premises of the police station of the east division in Cenon. His companion, questioned by the investigators, said that when she tried to intervene because she could not stand these scenes of abuse, even torture, she was threatened and beaten.

The dog, locked up for whole days in a cage, did her natural needs there, which put her young owner beside himself. He then decided to tie her with a belt and hang her by the collar in the bathroom to scald her all over her body before hitting her with a glass bottle on the head and leaving her to die, blood. Her flaky pads falling to shreds.

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