In Loubajac, a breeder discovers his butchered cow

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A breeder from Loubajac discovered one of his cows wildly cut up in his meadow yesterday morning. A gendarmerie investigation is opened to identify the criminals.

“It was real barbarians who did this!” Philippe Gauzé is disgusted. This cattle breeder, who has been living in Loubajac for thirty years, made a macabre discovery early yesterday morning when he arrived near his farm. One of his cows, Iris, a 600 kg Montbéliarde, was brutally killed and cut up during the night, in atrocious circumstances.

“It was around seven o’clock when I went up to suckle the calves. I was approaching the fields by car when I immediately understood that something abnormal was happening.” At the bottom of a meadow, the farmer sees a mass lying on the ground. The fifty cows that usually graze in the paddock, terrified, are grouped in a corner and refuse to be approached. And as he progresses in the field, Philippe Gauzé realizes the atrocities perpetrated on his property, located on the edge of the D3, route de Bartrès.

Tools for skinning

“There were severed pieces scattered several meters from his body.” Two thighs, one shoulder, cut by expert hands and abandoned on the spot by the perpetrators. “It took me several minutes to realize what was happening. At first I thought it was a dog attack. Then when I looked closer I realized that it was were cutouts made with tools.” The breeder then contacts the police who take the matter very seriously. “They brought in the science technicians, a veterinarian and a butcher to get their opinions.”

According to Philippe Gauzé, the butcher is formal: the cuts were made by connoisseurs, equipped with specific knives. But the mystery remains as to the killing of the animal. “No bullet holes were unsealed, no beatings. Maybe they tasered him?”

The only certainty is that the massacre cannot be the work of a single man. “They cut the shoulder and thigh on one side, then flipped it before cutting into the other. They may have been disturbed because they only took part of the meat.” On about fifty kilos cut, the criminals carried away about thirty.

“What is even stranger is that there were mothers with their calves and the bull. I wonder if the beasts did not try to charge them to defend themselves.” Upset, the farmer filed a complaint with the Tarbes-Ossun gendarmerie company.

“I wonder how they were able to control it,” tortures Philippe Gauzé. And to worry about his other cows that he hasn’t been able to approach yet. “I hope others aren’t hurt. In any case, I’ve never seen them in such a state. I don’t know what happened that night, but it must have been terrible.”

Call for Witnesses

Philippe Gauzé is desperately looking for information to try to identify the perpetrators of this massacre. “The people who did this parked on the side of the road between Bartrès and Loubajac. It happened around 5 am. If someone ‘one passed by and saw a vehicle parked near my farm, that could help me.” If you have any information that could help the farmer, please contact the gendarmerie by dialing 17.

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