In Mexico, mysterious “entities” filmed by a surveillance camera

In a town in southern Mexico, a surveillance camera caught two strange flying creatures interacting with dogs.

If it is authentic – which remains to be proven -, here is a video that can figure prominently in the procession of strange phenomena filmed in Mexico, UFOs, ghosts, unknown animals and even witches…
But it is difficult to classify this sequence in a particular category as what takes place there resists analysis. A Mexican daily titled “Video of two entities descending from the sky”, a description that is worth another.

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The scene was reportedly filmed by a surveillance camera on February 23 around 1:30 a.m. in San Vicente Chicoloapan in the south of the country. It was then shared on the Internet and relayed on Twitter by Jaime Maussan, a famous Mexican journalist and ufologist whose reputation is marred by some unwelcome outbursts for proven hoaxes.

As summarized by Jaime Maussan, two vaguely humanoid forms, very close to each other but of different size, slowly land on the ground before moving towards the right of the image. In the brighter part, they seem to merge to form a slender silhouette.

For a commentator on Twitter, it is simply a phenomenon linked to the digital compression of the image, “these ghosts would only be the persistence of imperfectly erased data.”
But this hypothesis does not explain a particularly disturbing element of the video: the presence of the three dogs who seem to bark at the “entities” and interact with them.
Unfortunately, their testimony will not be easy to collect and the mystery remains, for the moment, whole.

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