Hugues de Poncins and Didier Durandy co-wrote a book entitled
Hugues de Poncins (left) and Didier Durandy (right) co-wrote a book entitled Succeeding in taking up a position in 7 steps ©DR

A collaboration between two Ornais leads to the writing of a book. Met about ten years ago via Sup de Co business school, Didier Durandy and Hugues de Poncins, respectively crisis resolution coach at Brullemail and labor law lawyer at Randonnai, subsequently forged ties. They are at the initiative of a titled guide Succeed in your job in 7 stepspublished by Dunod in May 2022.

“Save the Job”

Didier Durandy, a management consultant, offers his services to resolve misunderstandings, relational problems and even crises arising in the world of work. “We need to be in true communication. It is practically the only solution to avoid a lack of precision or vague instructions on the responsibilities that employees have,” says Didier Durandy.

It remains to be seen who makes the decisions. The management consultant informs that in certain cases, “an accumulation of frustrations can be created and lead to a resignation or a dismissal if the n+1 is not satisfied with the person whom he recruited”. The personality of the employee is compatible or not with the operation of the company and its way of working.

“This book is based on two different paths and two different professions”, mentions Hugues de Poncins. The lawyer admits that “we are an effective duo, because we are specialists in our field. We did a lot of missions together. Each of us needs the other. One is a lawyer in social law and the other approaches the managerial and practical side.

For the writing of Succeed in your job in 7 steps, they brought up what is happening in terms of recruitment. “The ad may not match the position. Does the recruiter tell the candidate everything and does the latter fully tell his past (failures, successes)? asks Didier Durandy. Hugues de Poncins recalls that their role is to “restore things to get out of a desperate situation. “You can also activate other levers and work the way out,” says the labor lawyer.

Ask and ask yourself the right questions

The book is like “a guided tour of all the important points from the first interview until the end of the trial period”. According to Didier Durandy, “you have to ask and ask yourself the right questions from the start to define the scope of decisions. »

Hugues de Poncins returns to the legal aspects of the employment contract. “The first step is to prospect the content of the employment contract such as the job description, the duration of the trial period, the remuneration or even the bonuses”, estimates the lawyer. The vocation of the book is to “save the job or the person and if one is recruited, avoid divorce”, indicates Hugues de Poncins.

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Through testimonials, the objective of Succeed in your job in 7 steps is to have a complete preparation taking into account the human and administrative factors. “We provide advice so that the collaboration is a success or otherwise raise the bar before animosities arise. »

At the beginning, the presentations of the leaders can be badly made. It is possible that those recruited feel alone.

Didier DurandyCrisis resolution coach

The first part takes place before the arrival of the employee. “In the beginning, the presentations of the leaders can be badly done. It is possible that the people recruited feel alone, ”thinks the management consultant. The last part of the book gives the means to the recruit in order to “make his place during the first months and put aside the jealousies and internal conflicts between the different positions”. Thus, with this book, Hugues de Poncins and Didier Durandy hope to “increase the success rate of recruitment. »

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