“In terms of security, you need all-risk insurance”

Grégory Joron, general secretary of the SGP Police FO unit union, came to Bastia yesterday to meet the police. A similar trip took place today at the Ajaccio police station. The opportunity to show support and demand more resources

JI came to meet my colleagues to salute their constant commitment and to give them my humble support”, highlighted Gregory Jorongeneral secretary ofSGP Police FO Unit, the majority national union among police officers. He was traveling yesterday Bastiawhere in illustration of “the esprit de corps and mutual aid existing within the police”, he spoke with personnel from the various services at the Bastia police station: public security, judicial police, border police, then he went to the CRS cantonment in Furiani. Grégory Joron is accompanied by Bruno Bartocetti, national secretary delegate to the southern zone; Alain Vastel, CRS national secretary; and Dominique Mesquida, CRS national secretary delegated to the southern zone, and a regional delegation. The visit continued this Wednesday at the Ajaccio police station.

This displacement follows the numerous urban violence which occurred during nationalist demonstrations in support of Yvan Colonna which the police in Corsica have been confronted with in recent weeks and during which 160 police officers were injured, including 70 on March 13 during this that the CRS called “the battle of Bastia”. “It’s a miracle that there was no death!” », underlines one of the union executives, referring in particular to the attempted bomb attack which targeted the post office on avenue Maréchal-Sebastiani. “We received pétanque balls, Molotov cocktails, agricultural bombs… There was a desire to kill the cop and therefore a man”, indignant Bruno Bartocetti.

“This ultraviolence is out of the ordinary and is no more acceptable in Corsica than elsewhere, protests Grégory Joron. Nothing justifies such an outburst of violence against the forces of order which are made up of fathers and mothers of families. Colleagues had to hold on as best they could, the difficulty being that they occupied static positions, but they acted professionally by adopting an appropriate response in the use of resources. »

“The CRS have a capacity for resilience that no longer needs to be demonstrated, they held their positions, but it was very trying in intensity and in duration, with the recurrence of demonstrations in Bastia. CRS had to stay a week and were mobilized for twenty-seven days! » adds Dominique Mesquida.

Needs in human resources

Grégory Joron believes that “this crisis is revealing” of the lack of means and awaits answers from the hierarchy. “It will take a quick reflection on the state of the forces. Reinforcements are expected according to the changes and the reconstruction of services. I do not understand that there is no longer, in a city like Bastia, Bac de jour (Editor’s note: anti-crime brigade) and that there is no second-zone intervention unit. »

Regarding the CRS, Dominique Mesquida points out that there were previously “two units in Corsica, one based in Ajaccio and the other in Bastia, and it was working normally. There was then only one, between 75 and 80 CRS who were shared between Ajaccio and Bastia, the operational capacity was therefore reduced. We obtained the return of a second company. »

The Corsican authorities of the SGP Unit have regularly pointed out the lack of staff in Ajaccio and Bastia, claiming that the“we are playing with fire, with the safety of our colleagues and with that of the population”.

The union hopes that the public security departments of Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud will be provided with human resources in order to be able to find “reasonable operational capacity and consistent staffing”.

“What is announced for the moment in reinforcements is a first gesture, but it is insufficient because it is a rebalancing to compensate for retirements. We hope that the Minister of the Interior has taken the measure of the difficulties. We need mobile forces as well as local police to return to a form of local policing. »

“We’ve been ringing the alarm bells for a while and we’re not going to let go, exclaims Bruno Bartocetti. The means are largely insufficient. There is a need for additional manpower and history proves us right. »

The union believes that the State must learn the lessons of this urban violence and must not tackle it by cutting corners. Grégory Joron relies on the metaphor of the insurance policy to deliver his analysis of the means to be deployed in terms of security. “In some territories, you can be a third party, but in others like Corsica, you need all-risk insurance. Even if on a daily basis, we don’t use it, the day we need it, that’s where we measure its usefulness. »

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