In Texas, a giant otter attack sends an aquarium to court


The Dallas World Aquarium, in the State of Texas in the United States, is definitely having a hard time containing its giant otters. In mid-February, a mother filed a complaint against the establishment after her daughter was attacked by one of these carnivorous mammals during a visit. This is the second complaint recorded by the aquarium for such an accident in less than six months.

The facts date back to September 2019. The Jorgensen family spends the day in this aquarium in the city of Dallas. Arrived in front of the small pond of the giant otters, the little girl of the family, then aged 2, could not see the imposing animals because of the crowd present that day. Her father hoists her on his shoulders, then approaches, it seems, quite close to the pool. Close enough anyway to suffer an otter attack.

According to the mother of the family, a giant otter would indeed have arisen by crossing the high plexiglass barrier of a meter and a half, then would have bitten the hand of the little girl. A certainly impressive scene, as the giant otter lives up to its name: the males indeed flirt with the 2 meters long, while their weight can climb up to 45 kilos.

Nearly three years after the events, the family therefore decided to file a complaint against the aquarium (the otter is out of business), motivated perhaps by the fact that some scars from the incident would be “permanent” on the girl’s hand, reports HuffPost. The family brought in the file a photo of his bloodied hand after the bite, including a torn fingernail. She also regrets that no warning message was displayed at the time to warn of a possible appearance of a giant otter – something done recently. Today, the family is claiming damages between 250,000 and 1 million dollars, or approximately 220,000 to 880,000 euros.

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Another event has undoubtedly prompted parents to seek redress: last October, a family filed a complaint against the aquarium for a similar incident, involving one of these giant otters and an 18-month-old child. Attack of the Otter, Episode II.

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