In the age of expensive smartphones, take out mobile insurance!

How much did you pay for your smart phone ? Based on the prices ofentry levelyou have spent at least 200 €. If you have treated yourself to a little pleasure by offering yourself a iPhonea Samsung Galaxy S or any premium modelyou may have spent 500 €, 800 € or even over €1,000. Of course it’s a lot of money ! It would therefore be annoying to have to put your hand back in your pocket immediately, because your mobile device suffered a problem. In a context where smartphones are getting more and more expensive, take mobile insurance is therefore a essential reflex which we invite you to adopt.

Smartphones that cost more and more to buy !

The conclusion is today without appeal: smartphones are getting more and more expensive. Take for example three of the main premium ranges outings between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022: iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12. Whatever the brand, you have to spend more than 800 € for a classic model and more than €1,000 for a Pro or Ultra version. In 2007, the first iPhone, which was a real revolution, could be obtained for 400 €. It’s twice as expensive as what theiPhone 13 ! Today with 400 €we can afford a mid-range smartphone or possibly a high-end refurbished.

How to explain this price explosion ? It’s simple, we now have almost all a smartphone. In view of the investment made, we therefore try to keep it as long as possible. Demand has therefore gradually stagnated. To remain attractive, manufacturers engage in extremely tough competition. Technology, features, design, camera, screen, processor, battery, sound, memory, storage capacity, etc. : we are witnessing a real battle to offer state-of-the-art models that will appeal to users. And of course: the colossal spending on components, research and development, patents and marketing automatically affect the smartphone prices.

Protecting your smartphone: the best way to avoid additional expenses

More and more expensivethe smartphones are among the objects we use the most in our daily lives. So, in view of thefinancial effort made to afford a model that holds up, we have every interest in taking care of it to keep it as long as possible and not break the bank too often. Nevertheless, the accidentsthe technical problemsthe larceny and the losses remain frequent. No one is totally safe! One day everything is fine with her smart phone and the next day is disaster: it breaks down, it breaks, it is stolen or it is lost. In these difficult situations, if you are not insured or if the manufacturer’s warranty does not work (because yes, some risks are not always covered by the manufacturers), the sentence will be heavy: you will have to spend a fortune for repair or replace your device.

Conversely, if you had the good idea to subscribe to mobile insurance concrete for cover the risk of damage (fall, shock, scratches, etc.),wear and oxidation of components, breakdowntheft or loss, you can rest easy. No unforeseen expense will disturb you. At the slightest concern, you contact your insurer to inform him of the loss mentioned in your contract and he will take care of the repairfrom replacement orcompensation for your smartphone (new or used). Our advice: cover your mobile phone with Parachut to enjoy it much more serenely!

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