in the face of the extreme heat wave, dehydrated and exhausted birds fall from the sky

As temperatures approach 50°C in India and Pakistan, birds are particularly suffering.

A situation that hurts the whole ecosystem. In recent weeks, India and Pakistan have been facing an extreme heat wave. This Wednesday again, temperatures easily exceed 40°C, regularly approaching 50°C in certain localities.

In the middle of the night on Wednesday, temperatures are still around 36°C.

Inevitably, if human beings suffer from this situation, although there is no official report to date, the heat does not spare animals. Reuters reports on Wednesday that dozens of birds fell from the sky and were picked up by rescuers. The birds are indeed exhausted and dehydrated.

50 to 60 birds each day

The news agency cites in particular the animal hospital in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, which has treated several hundred birds in recent weeks. “We receive at least 50 to 60 dehydrated birds every day,” he told AFP the hospital’s co-founder, Gira Shah.

To treat them, veterinarians inject water into their beaks, and give them vitamin pads to feed them. One in four do not survive, either due to dehydration or other complications.

A heat wave every 4 years?

Heat waves have killed more than 6,500 people in India since 2010. A figure that could therefore increase drastically this year and in the future. Indeed, according to experts, these extreme episodes could become regularized due to global warming.

“Before human activities increased global temperatures, heat like the one that hit India earlier this month would only have been observed about once every 50 years,” said Dr Mariam Zachariah, drought and climate change specialist at Imperial College London. “We can now expect such high temperatures about once every four years,” she warns.

Anthony Audureau with AFP

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