In The Insurance Newsletter of… February 7, 2022

On the front page of the Insurance Newsletter.
On the front page of the Insurance Newsletter.

This week, The Letter of Insurance returns from Deauville with behind the scenes of the AMRAE Meetings in his suitcases! Big risks and small sentences, the family brokerage in question, life insurance breaks records and the place is granted to the name of the PER, it is to be found in this edition of February 7.

On the cover of this issue 1550 of The Letter of Insurance, dated Monday February 7, 2022, can the large family brokers go the distance in the concert of French brokerage of large risks? Between complicated successions and protected markets, is time running out?

On page 2, behind the scenes of the 29th AMRAE Meetings, a look back at the sometimes offbeat speeches in the world of risk managers. To be enjoyed in addition to the great video coverage of News Pro Insurance !

On page 3, the facts of the week, it is the PER which gives way to more transparency, life insurance which is breaking records and borrower insurance which is likely to open up to competition and tolerance… for the greater good of customers!

Finally, on page 4, an editorial on transparency and unity and a short sentence from a former Prime Minister!

Quick, I need The Insurance Letter of day !

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