“In this gang, we don’t swing”, says a lawyer for the civil parties

What happened to us? What have we done ?wonders M.and Sylvie Topaloff who opened, this Monday, May 23, the pleadings of the civil parties, at the trial of November 13. For what reasons did the terrorist cell, based in the Brussels sector and remotely controlled from Syria, target France, killing 132 people and injuring more than 400?

Find the live of the hearing of Monday, May 23, 2022 at the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

There are the false pretense of the coalition, this low-level argument​, rejects Mand Didier Séban. On several occasions, the defendants have indeed explained that if they had participated in these attacks, it was in reaction to the strikes of the international coalition (in which France participated) in Syria and Iraq, against the Islamic State group. The lawyer does not believe for a moment in this justification. As proof, he points to Daesh’s own propaganda, published in one of its magazines in July 2016: In reality, even if you stop bombarding us […]we will continue to hate you because the main cause of this hatred will not stop until you embrace Islam​, is it written.

“They are not monsters”

Mand Topaloff does not believe it either because she observes, with accuracy, that, certainly, the West has a lot to blame itself for. But what the jihadists hold against us are not our vices, they are our virtues. ​: our desire to share good times on terraces, in a concert hall or in a football stadium. And the lawyer to be sorry: We will probably never succeed in convincing them that France is the country where we demonstrated the most against the crimes of Bashar el-Assad.

However, even if the terrorists and some of the defendants have strayed into the murderous ideology of Daesh, they are neither mad nor marginal nor monsters​, recalled M.and Topaloff. Or abused ex-children. During the trial, almost all of the defendants admitted to having had loving parents. I lacked nothing.” said Mohamed Abrini, one of the six defendants incurring life imprisonment, recalled the lawyer. How then could they have turned to evil and killed individuals with whom they could have conversed?asked M.and Jean Reinhart. Without a doubt, it is ” the “ big question of this lawsuit.

The band effect

Five of them stayed in the ranks of Daesh and were therefore able to be further indoctrinated. But not all. Part of the answer also lies in the group effect. The defendants, who came from Molenbeek, spent many hours together, notably at the café Les Béguines, selling cannabis and watching videos of the Islamic State group. In this band, we don’t swing​, grade Mand Topaloff.

They remained united with each other even in the box​, also deplores Mr.and Gerard Chemla. This is evidenced by the attitude of Mohammed Amri and Hamza Hattou, when they went to pick up Salah Abdeslam in Paris, on the night of November 13 to 14, 2015: they agreed to bring him back to Brussels when they came to learn that their boyfriend participated in the attacks. They are paralyzed, they tell us, underline Mand Chemla. But on the way back, during their third traffic check, they are interviewed by journalists. And what do they answer? That these checks are all the same abusive… But what cynicism!

Nothing beats neighborhood solidarity, adds Me Didier Seban. In the box, they held hands. None of them gave a detail that we did not know.

And Mand Chemla to conclude for the defendants who were silent and those who spoke without answering all the questions: They defended themselves like sellers of hash. I did not see that they lived up to their trial.

November 13 trial: “In this gang, we don’t swing”, says a lawyer for the civil parties

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