India: 11-year-old boy lived locked up with 22 stray dogs


A child who had been out of school for two years spent most of his time in a dirty room with multiple dogs.

The child’s parents obviously picked up stray dogs frequently.


An 11-year-old boy lived in terrible conditions in Pune, western India. He was often locked up for hours in a room in a house, which he had to share with 22 stray dogs. The child even now exhibits canine behavior, according to the local press.

The alert was given by neighbours, who often saw the boy at his window. They notified Dnyan Devi Childline, an NGO working for children’s rights.

When members of this organization visited the house, they found the boy sitting near the window with dogs, reports “The Independent”. When they returned last Monday, the situation was the same but the child and the dogs were locked up this time. They also discovered that the boy had been out of school for two years and that his parents did not want to hear anything. They explained that they were dog lovers, which they obviously picked up from the streets.

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The police were alerted. The agents broke the door and the child was entrusted to a reception structure. He had apparently lived for two years largely reclusive with the dogs, from which he would have adopted certain behaviors.

“We also found four dog carcasses. Even animal droppings were not removed from the apartment. The boy was kept in very dirty conditions,” said explained Anuradha Sahasrabudhe, Executive Director of Dnyan Devi Childline, to ‘The Indian Express’.

Police officer Sardar Patil told reporters that the parents would likely be arrested and brought to court for confining their child in inhumane conditions.

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