Indicted, “Franck Provost is very serene”, says his lawyer

The hairdresser and businessmen Franck Provost has been indicted for laundering aggravated tax evasion: he is suspected of having used within his network of hairdressing salons fraudulent software allowing the diversion of cash receipts.

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Franck Provost is very serene“, says his lawyer Maître Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi on Thursday December 23 at franceinfo, after the revelation of the indictment of his client two days earlier for “abuse of social property” and “laundering in an organized gang of aggravated tax fraud”. puts the blame on the group’s former financial director.

The lawyer assures that his client “has always paid all of his taxes since he started working at the age of 14. He has nothing to reproach himself for“, while the hairdresser is suspected of having embezzled several million euros, or around 10% of the cash receipts collected between 2001 and 2021, learned franceinfo from a source close to the investigation.

Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi blames the group’s financial director, explaining that the hairdresser “cleaned up on someone who took advantage of the system and gleefully plundered [son groupe] Provalliance and Franck Provost” in 2014. The former administrative and financial director was also indicted and placed under judicial supervision in this case.

The hairdresser is being sued for using a “fraudulent software to embezzle receipts collected in cash“, by re-editing receipts corresponding to false amounts and by recalculating the accounts of hairdressing salons. In total, six people are indicted in this case.

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