Influenza and Covid-19: side effects, pain… is it risky to receive two vaccine injections at the same time?

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The national flu vaccination campaign began on Tuesday. This year it is linked to the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. La Dépêche takes stock.

“A Case of the Calendar”. From the mouth of the Regional Health Agency of Occitanie, the connection between the vaccination campaign against influenza and covid-19 is not calculated. However, it raises specific organizational problems, especially with regard to “co-vaccination”. Is there really no risk in vaccinating a frail person against both Covid-19 and influenza during a single consultation?

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Despite the health authorities’ call, the affected public is reluctant. According to a study by Public Health France, published at the beginning of October, only one in two people in the risk group is considering getting the two vaccines at the same time. In the question: the fear of suffering from severe side effects. They are also sometimes joined by certain general practitioners who do not hesitate to postpone the injections for several weeks: “I am too afraid that my fragile patients will go through hell after a flu/covid-19 co-vaccination”, testifies a general practitioner from Toulouse to The midi broadcast.

“Minor side effects”

On the part of the health authorities, we are trying to be reassuring: “We must take into account the ‘benefits/risks’ balance: there is no contraindication to co-vaccination for eligible persons, for his part supports Professor Albert Sotto, Head of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Nîmes It is possible that people receiving two injections at the same time may experience pain at both injection sites as well as an increase in their temperature a few hours after vaccination, but these are mild side effects.” However, health professionals insist on the need to carry out the vaccine injections “in two different places” (for example, on both arms).

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The national flu vaccination campaign began yesterday and is due to end on November 15. Only people over 16 are allowed to have an injection, and the recommendations only concern the most vulnerable. Every year, between two and six million French people become infected with the virus, and almost 10,000 patients die from it.

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