Injured bird in the garden: what to do?

A bird is on the ground on your lawn or in one of your flower beds… What should be done? What precautions should be taken ? How to take care of this bird correctly? Which professional to contact? Our answers.

You are busy in your garden when you suddenly spot a bird down. What to do ? To avoid bad reflexes, it is important to remember that it is a wild animal.

Second thing to keep in mind: just because a bird looks hurt doesn’t mean it is. Also, before acting, make sure he is in distress first. If the animal actually seems hurt or behaves abnormally: a few rules should be known to preserve its well-being and make the right decisions.

What to do when you find an injured bird?

First, observe his behavior. The bird may have simply knocked against a window and needs to come to her senses for a few minutes.

It is advisable to intervene only if it is obviously injured : damaged wing, trace of bleeding, impossibility to fly away or to stand up, etc.

Before recovering the bird, bring a pair of gloves to avoid a peck and claw. Then, so as not to frighten the animal, take a cloth (depending on its size, a clean handkerchief or a piece of clothing) and lift it gently, gently holding its wings to roll it up with it and immobilize it. .

Finally, avoid bringing your face too close to it, especially your eyes, so as not to come into contact with any bacteria or other potential illnesses.

How to take care of an injured bird?

  • Place it in a quiet place

While waiting for the arrival of a professional for the diagnosis, place the bird in a closed box or cardboard box, make several holes so that it can breathe and install it in a peaceful place to avoid any increase in additional stress. To make him feel more comfortable, you can put some newspaper under him.

  • Do not give him food or water

The first reflex is to want to feed it so that it regains its strength, but the Bird Protection League (LPO) advises against it. He could choke and what you offer him could be inappropriate for his diet. Ditto for the water, which could spread to his lungs and therefore worsen his condition.

What to do when a baby bird has fallen from the nest?

If the bird on the ground is a baby bird, it is possible that it simply fell out of its nest. Look up to find ” his house “ and drop it again.

If no nest seems to be present, you can make one, in order to protect it from danger. Indeed, if an animal (dog or cat) comes and goes in the area, it is advisable to put the small animal quickly in height.

Finally, if thebaby bird seems unable to fly away but hops, you can leave him in his place, his parents may come back to pick him up. Indeed, for a large number of bird species such as the owl and the blackbird, the young leave the nest before they can fly. They finish their growth on the ground, always supervised by their parents.

Who to call for an injured bird?

You can contact a veterinarian or the Bird Protection League on 05 46 82 12 34 who will direct you to the care center closest to you.


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