Injured puppy bids farewell to the streets and finds happiness in his rescuer’s arms


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At the beginning of January 2021, Matthew O’Hanlon made a decisive encounter. He found an injured puppy in the town of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA, and placed him in the caring hands of volunteers at a local shelter. But the little ball of fur haunted his thoughts…

January 2021: the agent Matthew O’Hanlon discovered a young Pitbull in an industrial area, Mount Laurel. The puppy, who was not wearing a collar, had injured his head. The officer picked him up and carried him to the county animal shelter. Burlingtonso that he receives treatment.

The story could have ended there… But the police officer couldn’t get his protege’s adorable face out of his mind. ” I called the shelter 20 minutes after dropping him off, and said I wanted him “said the brave man.

Volunteers treated the hairball injury and found that the microchip was missing. So they waited a few days for someone to claim it.

A loved and spoiled puppy for the rest of his life

To the delight of Matthew O’Hanlon, no one showed up. The agent was able to adopt the puppy, who was 3 months old at the time. A meeting that fell on time! ” My fiancée and I wanted a Pitbull “, confided the good Samaritan.

The canid with gray and white coat was baptized Thorreports Daily Paws. The police station of Mount Laurel shared the good news on his Facebook page, and posted a photo of the animal with his new owner. The latter sports a radiant smile! ” Officer O’Hanlon adopted him right away and made sure he gets lots of attention and treats! Little Thor is healing well and has found his loving forever home! “, can we read on the social network.

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No one ever knew how and why Thor found himself alone in this industrial area, nor what the first months of his life looked like. But one certainty was anchored in everyone’s heart: thanks to his rescuer, the survivor saw a bright future looming on the horizon.

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