Injured wild animals: “You can call, it rings in the void”

Mehdi Lachheb took in an injured owl in his garden in Puymoyen. Despite his calls to associations and veterinarians, he found no one to treat the bird.

MEhdi Lachheb had a funny encounter this Saturday, after lunch. A pretty injured owl, fallen in her garden in the Eaux Claires valley, in Puymoyen. “She looked good sounding”, he wrote to us. Good soul, the Charentais places the bird in a box, on a bed of straw, and calls the Torsac wildlife rescue center. Firm. He then contacts the on-call veterinarian. “I come across a call center. I am asked to go to the Paris region”, hallucinates Mehdi Lachheb, left to himself with his owl. In desperation, he contacted his Villebois-Lavalette veterinarian. “They tell me they can’t take care of wild animals. » Too badly, the ball of feathers dies a few hours later.

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