Insect kibbles for cats and dogs arrive in supermarkets

The start-up Reglo, which has just raised 1.8 million euros, will launch its insect protein-based croquettes in Monoprix stores.

French leader in the online sale of kibble made from insect proteins, Reglo is accelerating its development. The start-up launched in 2020 announced on Monday that it had raised 1.8 million euros, in particular to deploy its offer in stores.

Until then only available on the internet, Reglo’s insect croquettes will appear in Monoprix stores this year. The young shoot will thus become “the first brand of insect protein to be available on the shelves of the brand”, she explains in a press release. And to add wanting in the future “to complete its range and to deploy it in garden centers and pet shops”.

Focus on the local

Reglo is not exporting at this stage. “The locally committed company prefers to anchor itself on the domestic market. Half of the supplies are already made on national soil. And the brand is looking for new French suppliers to diversify its supplies, a wise decision in view of the current turmoil in the economy. economy,” she says.

After signing a partnership with Innovafeed, a leader in rearing black soldier fly larvae in France with a production site in Hauts-de-France, Reglo now says it wants to “participate in the relocation of production to French soil while providing absolute transparency regarding the place of origin of our ingredients”.

“This helps to establish a very healthy relationship of trust between us, producers, and our customers who wish to get involved. Many of them talk about our initiative around them, something they would never have done before for a brand of food for dogs or cats”, say Basile and Maxime, founders of Reglo.

“Reduce the environmental impact”

For several years, the “pet food” market has been booming in France with a turnover of around 5 billion euros in 2020. In its first year of activity, Reglo has sold 130 tonnes of pet food of insect proteins for dogs, before launching its offer for cats.

The company assures that insect-based proteins represent “one of the innovations needed to reduce the environmental impact induced by the consumption of meat by pets”.

“Indeed, to feed 7.4 million dogs and 13.2 million cats, French manufacturers use 400,000 tonnes of animal by-products each year. Insects are therefore positioned as a new source of complete and sustainable proteins. With Reglo, a labrador avoids consuming 66 kilos of meat in one year, and thus nearly a million liters of water and 1,774 kilos of CO2″, says the start-up.

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