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Liberty Rider

The biker’s prevention and safety partner

The P&V insurer has made prevention and the safety of its customers a watchword. This is why a partnership was naturally established with Liberty Rider and his app, true angel virtual biker guardianand offered to P&V motorcycle customers.

Liberty Rider is intended for motorcyclists and their loved ones. Its main function is to save lives: imagine a motorcyclist alone, the victim of a serious accident. Lost in the middle of nowhere, he needs urgent help. He can count on Liberty Rider: the application detects the fall and automatically sends help on site.

Liberty Rider is an app (to be downloaded from Google Play or App store) which serves as a motorcycle GPS and warns you, for example, of the approach of a dangerous bend.

• Liberty Rider detects a fall or an accident and triggers an alert process. If you do not react because you are unconscious or injured, help is automatically sent to the scene thanks to the GPS location. The intervention time being reduced, your chances of survival are considerably increased.

• Liberty Rider allows loved ones to follow the biker’s journey live: the app prepares an SMS that you just have to send them to reassure them on departure and arrival. These text messages contain a link to follow the route live.

• Liberty Rider also allows you to notify the emergency services if you witness an accident.

And it works?

Just for P&V users in Belgium: 520,000+ trips recorded, almost 2 million kilometers secured, 48 accidents detected and 13 lives saved!

The pluses: walking routes

Look for “Liberty rider roadbooks P&V” on the internet to discover plenty of motorcycle rides in Belgium for all seasons and all landscapes… with sometimes an incursion into our neighbours. Upload these road-books to your Liberty Rider profile and have fun!

Ride well, enjoy yourself but above all, ride well (re)assured…

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