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Registering a motorcycle: how does it work?

You have just acquired a new motorcycle, a two- or three-wheeled scooter or even a quad and you live in Belgium. To be able to drive on public roads, your motorcycle must be registered in the “vehicle directory” kept by the DIV (Vehicle Registration Department).

This is what entitles you to a registration certificate and number plate. What is the steps to follow for a new or used motorcycle ? What are the last steps to follow once the certificate and plate have been received? Ghérand Durieux, motorcycle expert at P&V, gives you his advice.

How to register your motorcycle after purchase?

The seller of your motorcycle (store, dealer) must give you a registration application form.

– Complete it and give it to your insurer, he needs it to be able to submit your request online on the WebDIV site for your new motorcycle. Your insurer will confirm to the DIV that you are in good standing with the insurance for the new vehicle. You can also complete it yourself and send the registration application form by post or make an appointment to submit it to a DIV counter, with a sticker from your insurance company certifying that the motorcycle is assured. Going through the counter is the only possibility if your motorcycle is second-hand.

– You will receive your registration certificate and plate by post within 24 hours. The sum of €30 will be payable directly in cash to your Bpost agent.

The BMW R 1250 GS, the most registered motorcycle in Belgium in 2021.

You have received your plate and your certificate. What to do next ?

Check the plate and make sure that its number is identical to that of the registration certificate.

– Check the accuracy of the information on the registration certificate. In the event of an error, contact the DIV call center directly, 02/277.30.50 or

– If everything is correct, your registration certificate consists of two parts. After receipt, carefully cut the certificate in half. The two elements together form a single document with the same security number. Both sections are necessary for the sale, registration or re-registration of your motorcycle.

– Keep one of these two parts at home, the other must always be in the trunk of your motorcycle.

Is your motorcycle finally registered?

Attach the number plate to the back of your motorcycle/scooter/quad.

– Always take the road with your registration certificate

Good road and caution! And don’t forget that your insurance intermediary can provide you with advice by telephone or travel to assist you.

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