The rise in energy, fuel and food prices arouses discontent. As well as the projects of investments, purchase of a real estate or savings in prospect of the retirement which one announces potentially pushed back to 65 years, question.

With these different pressures felt on purchasing power, the French have entered into a strategy of savings and reductions in expenditure, regardless of their social background. Moreover, the insurance sector is no exception since 59% of them believe that they have increased (CSA data September 2021). In fact, insurance is seen by 30% of consumers as a budget they don’t feel they can influence. Similarly, they consider that they are unable to review their car insurance (67%), their home insurance (74%), their health insurance (75%) and their borrower’s insurance (75%) although the latter has been reformed. by the Lemoine Law.

Compare and be accompanied

The Brokerage Law, which came into force on April 1, will give us the opportunity to help the French to understand the mechanisms of insurance. Moreover, the demand for financial education on their part is stronger than before; the crisis having created a greater motivation to control their assets. This is therefore an opportunity for them to get to know brokerage professionals better and to compare their offers. In addition, thanks to the role of associations approved by the ACPR, they can now identify the professional able to meet their needs.

Indeed, consumers today face a “disorganized” market, where concentration could increase in the future, in particular through digital technologies which would deprive them of all other solutions. If they adopt the new digital uses for all common acts and compare freely, they remain no less attached to the notion of proximity. What’s more with regard to two factors: electronics and advice! Our insurance brokers are therefore the ideal contacts to support them.

Brokers and consumers are related parties

Let us add that in the face of cyber-delinquency for online purchases, both brokers and consumers are related parties. The question of cyber-insurance is still on the desk of public authorities. But the security of our fellow citizens as well as the importance of our economic sovereignty will make it an unavoidable necessity in the coming months. France must catch up with greater cyber risk protection.

The world of insurance brokerage will experience a real evolution. When we defended this reform a few months back, we called it the law for the future. We didn’t think so. Especially since inflation has reshuffled the cards. Consequently, insurance brokers no longer have a card to play to defend their clients’ living expenses, but to give them some breathing room in terms of their purchasing power. Professionals and consumers are therefore heading towards the same goal: to make brokerage a source of growth for both parties where advice has real added value. Finally, it should be remembered that the role of the insurance professions consists above all in guaranteeing risks.