Insurance certificate: how to get it?

Proving that your car is well covered, the insurance certificate is essential. But how to get it?

Also known as the green card, theinsurance certificate serves, as its name suggests, to prove that your car is well covered by an insurance company. Not to be confused with the sticker to be affixed to the windshield, this document is nevertheless generally sent in the same envelope and takes the form of a large sheet, which must be green. This must then be kept on you in all circumstances as soon as you get behind the wheel. And for good reason, a lot of important information is on the latter, which you must always be able to present in the event of a police check.

How to receive your insurance certificate?

Indeed, be aware that you will incur a €35 fine if you do not have your green card in your possession. So make sure you always have it in your wallet or in your vehicle to avoid worries. But how to receive it? Normally, this is sent automatically within two weeks of taking out a new insurance contract. It is also sent to you each year, when the payment is renewed, before it is no longer valid.

Nevertheless, it happens that companies show a lack of rigor and forget to send you your insurance certificate. In this case, you can then send a formal notice by registered mail, in order to claim your due. Note that when signing a contract, it is generally possible to download a temporary green card, which then has the same legal value as the final document.

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