Insurance: cold calling more strictly regulated

– Ask for the explicit agreement of the potential client from the start of the discussion, and end the call if the interlocutor declares his opposition. In this case, the broker will no longer have to call him back;

– Check that, if the person called is already covered by a contract identical to the object of the canvassing, this contract may be terminated in the event of subscription to the one offered to him;

– Send all the documents relating to the contract before concluding it, and check that they have been received;

– Wait 24 hours before signing the contract;

– Collect an electronic or handwritten signature (an oral agreement is not sufficient);

– Send all documents relating to the signing of the contract, its validity dates and its terms of termination;

– Keep for two years the recording of the telephone exchange that led to the transaction, so as to provide proof in the event of a dispute, and ensure the security of this recording.

These new provisions are added to the insurance code. In the event of non-compliance, they are sanctioned with a fine of up to €1,500.

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