Insurer that now accepts payments in cryptocurrency: East Assur

The world is always one step ahead. We knew the illicit side of the world where Colombian peasants could pay for their shopping in the countryside in grams of local drugs. From now on, within the framework of the legal economy, insurance takes a step ahead.

Are bitcoin and its co-religionists taking a slice of the economic pie step by step?

East Assur challenges the world of insurance by proudly advocating the payment in cryptocurrency of car insurance premiums for individuals and professionals.

A way to develop your e-reputation by breaking free from the traditional framework

East Assur continues to develop its digital reputation by using finesse where no one wants certain members. Unfortunately, many insurers have not understood that to make a business profitable, you also have to accept the “dark bee” side of society.

Guys who have boxes all the time, there are some. France, which is getting into the CBD, is becoming widespread. And the dad who kicks himself in the nose by going to the PMU, once is not custom. East Assur differs from traditional insurance companies that seek excessive bonuses.

However, if no one wants to insure you for your discrepancies, it is certain that an insurance company that accepts this system risks amassing a huge customer portfolio. Stop charging more. Such is the practice of this peerless insurer.

By always rounding off the edges where no one wants to, this insurance company continues to create buzz. However, she does it smartly because resorting to cryptocurrency payment is not an idea that fell on deaf ears, according to her.

Insurance advisors trained on the job in cryptocurrency platforms

Is there any harm in paying in cryptocurrency for your insurance contract? Paying your dues annually is also a fact that suits everyone well. However, practice demonstrates one thing at the heart of stock market economics. The French are beginning to shun action portfolios step by step. The enthusiasm is such that cryptocurrencies are chomping at the bit with the Cac 40. A declining stock market that worries and is no longer safe in times of crisis.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are investments that can pay off big. This appeals to many virtual economy enthusiasts. Being able to pay in virtual currency is therefore not such a silly idea.

In the context of insurance, it thus makes it possible to diversify earnings where the economy is unstable. Ensuring that cryptocurrency can pay for everyday expenses is therefore a more than brilliant idea.

A bit like the idea of ​​the myth of Grandma who hides gold Louis under her mattress, payment in Bitcoin is an opportunity to diversify the economy of its supporters. If the idea is scary, the bold decision proposed by East Assur seems well assumed.

Better to be first than last. Visionary, a whole team of advisers is now forming on cryptocurrency platforms to influence as many customers as possible. A not so bad idea that could influence more customers who enjoy cryptocurrency like we play poker on Friday night.

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