Is it insured with the car or is a specific guarantee required?

All damage caused to third parties is covered by your civil liability insurance. This is the first level of auto insurance; the one that remains mandatory.

This guarantee comes into play when it comes to compensating the damage that your vehicle would cause but not your trunk (or another accessory) if it were to become detached and injure a person or damage another vehicle. Even if you have taken out all-risk insurance, these accessories are not compensated, unless a clause specifies it in the contract.

The usefulness of endorsements

You will therefore have to notify your insurer who will offer you additional guarantees. The main one is the “accessory warranty”. The latter makes it possible to guarantee car equipment in the event of theft, accident, major climatic risks (storms, hail, etc.) or even damage by a third party.

This option, which can sometimes be directly integrated into your all-risk insurance contract, is often capped or subject to a deductible. Do you need a permanent warranty?

If you do not wish to add a guarantee

If you do not wish to add a “luggage” or “personal contents” guarantee, you can insure your skis independently when this equipment is locked by an anti-theft system, and fixed to the insured vehicle by means of a secure device. Thule pictures

A guarantee if necessary

If you use your roof box often (at least once a month), it is in your best interest to take out a permanent guarantee.

On the other hand, if the use only concerns your summer vacation or ski vacation, you can ask your insurer for temporary coverage which can reduce the cost of your annual payment. Then you have to insure what you are carrying inside.

There, you will have to subscribe to another option, that concerning private content.

If you buy a roof box, talk to your insurer.  This will provide information on your contract and, if necessary, will offer you to take out a guarantee.

If you buy a roof box, talk to your insurer. This will provide information on your contract and, if necessary, suggest that you take out an “accessory” guarantee which will cover this equipment. Photo DR

Protect your luggage

This last warranty works like the accessory warranty. It covers personal effects stored in the safe unless it is not locked and with a few exclusions: cash, bank cards, jewellery, computer equipment. On some contracts, the contents are insured with the contents of the vehicle’s trunk but with a maximum amount.

Always check with your company because mutuals do not operate like traditional insurers and guarantees vary from one type of guarantee to another (third party, extended third party, etc.) and your personal situation.

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