Is multi-risk home insurance compulsory?

Home insurance is not compulsory for the owner occupant

The obligation to provide – or, on the contrary, not to provide – one’s accommodation depends on the status of the person occupying it. Thus, an owner who occupies his dwelling is not required to insure it. However, if he does not take out multi-risk home insurance (MRH), he will have to take care of the compensation for all the damages that not only him but also his property could cause. This is why it is strongly recommended to take out home insurance to protect yourself. And for good reason, if he takes out home insurance, the owner is then covered against the risks that may affect his accommodation (fire, explosion, etc.) as well as against theft (valuables, interior fittings of the accommodation, etc.). For their part, third parties are covered by the civil liability of the owner, guaranteeing the repair of damage caused by the latter. Finally, let us specify that the insurance contract may include warranty exclusions excluding damage of nuclear origin, resulting from a war or whose origin is prior to the signing of the contract. Exclusions may also concern the practice of a dangerous sport (car racing, mountaineering, parachute jumping, etc.) or the possession of first or second category dogs (pit bulls, boer bulls, Tosa).

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