Issa warns OM about the atmosphere at the Toumba stadium

Pierre Issa held the position of sports director of Olympiakos between 2013 and 2016. The former OM player expects a warm atmosphere for the reception of Phocens.

Pierre Issa

In the columns of ProvencePierre Issa spoke about the PAOK-OM match and revealed what the Marseillais should expect: “In the big derbies, things happen that we haven’t seen in France for more than twenty years. For them, Olympiakos is the biggest rival after Aris Salonika. Here, the presidents like to play intimidation. In the European Cup, they have to control themselves because UEFA is stricter. But their number one asset is the atmosphere and the fans who push them to surpass themselves.” He will not go to the stadium: “I’ll watch it on TV (PAOK-OM), at home, I don’t want to go there, it’s too hot, too complicated…”

Some journalists have decided to do a lot about the atmosphere of the Greek enclosure. As a reminder, OM played on the ground of Galatasaray, in the Europa League, a few months ago.

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