“It is extraordinary, what heat! »

Prince Laurent of Belgium was over the moon when he discovered the gift specially made for him by Anne-Marie Bada, a member of the Handi-Bob Association. On a previous visit to the association, the prince challenged him to knit a bobtail hair sweater. Anne-Marie took up the challenge and proudly presented the 3 kilo dog hair sweater to King Philippe’s brother, who immediately tried it on and was convinced of the result.

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A turtleneck sweater in bobtail hair for Prince Laurent

Last November, Prince Laurent made a surprise appearance at an event organized by the Handi-Bob association in Namur. The association puts children with disabilities in contact with bobtail dogs. Anne-Marie Bada, owner of two bobtails, groomer and passionate about this breed, is a member of the association.

Prince Laurent, brother of King Philippe, whose love for animals and dogs in particular is well established, was impressed by the association’s work. While talking to Anne-Marie, he learned that it was possible to make balls with dog hair. In a humorous tone, he challenged this enthusiast to make him a sweater. Bet raised!

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Prince Laurent came to collect his sweater in person and was delighted with the result

For months, Anne-Marie harvested hair from bobtails while grooming them. She then gave the 3 kilos of hair to a spinner who turned the hair into woolen threads. Since May, this resident of Berloz, in the province of Liège, has been knitting Prince Laurent’s sweater. She recently told Sudinfo that this wool is particularly “sensitive”. If the bobtail is a two-color, black and white dog, the spun wool is gray because the hairs are mixed.

Prince Laurent tries on his bobtail dog ‘wool’ sweater (Photo: Handi-Bob video screenshot)

This week the mayor of Berloz, Béatrice Moureau, welcomed Prince Laurent to her town. The prince came to get his sweater. Not knowing the prince’s height, Anne-Marie knitted based on pictures of the second son of King Albert II. Prince Laurent has made an important diet, and the charming knitter was obviously not aware of his current goals.

Prince Laurent was amazed at the work and the result. Although he noticed the weight of the shirt when he weighed it, he immediately wanted to try it on. “It is a world first. I must say that I am very happy to have participated in this first”, he said, struggling to get his head through the neckline. Impressed by the result, he seemed genuinely grateful that the knitter got his wish for a turtleneck.

“This sweater is just amazing. I can’t believe it”continued to amaze the prince with ease. “Wow what heat! », he exclaimed. Kindly, the prince added that the size was perfect, although the sweater was a little too long. The gift was perfect for Laurent, who celebrated his 59th birthday this week.

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