Italy. Footballer Theo Hernandez’s pit bull kills old lady’s dog

After Kurt Zouma, who shocked public opinion after the broadcast of a video showing him abusing his cat, another French footballer finds himself in the sights of justice for a case related to his pet.

Theo Hernandez, defender of AC Milan and the France team, should soon be the subject of a complaint in Italy after his dog, a pit bull, killed another dog in the street on Friday.

According to information published by the local daily La Provincia di Como, the scene took place in the municipality of Guanzate, in the province of Como.

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Taking advantage of a door left open, the pit bull escaped from the home of the 24-year-old player, before attacking a 7-year-old pinscher in the street, held on a leash by an old lady.

The hospitalized victim

The 74-year-old owner tried to save her dog by hugging him, but the pit bull then allegedly jumped on her, knocking her down before biting her animal to death.

The victim’s niece told the Italian press that her aunt had to be hospitalized and that she would file a complaint against the French footballer and his partner.

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