Italy: When hundreds of wild boars invade the streets of Rome

Wild boars are gradually taking over the streets of the Italian capital without the authorities being able to do anything.

For several years, wild boars have been more and more present in Rome. The pandemic of covid and confinements, have greatly amplified this phenomenon, leaving the streets empty and available to wild boars. Currently, they would be more than a hundred to have taken up residence in Rome.

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Social networks are now full of videos and photos of these beasts, in the heart of downtown Italy.

The normal passeggiata pomeridiana di un cinghiale nella città di Roma. Say, see…

— Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) April 16, 2022

Why are they there?

It is in particular the geographical situation of Rome which explains the arrival of these boars. The Italian metropolis is surrounded by agricultural land.

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The wild boars come to seek in town from the food, especially near garbage cans and containers. This phenomenon is greatly accentuated by poor waste management.

A constant danger

As El País indicates, if the presence of wild boar in Rome can amuse Internet users, the situation remains extremely dangerous. These animals can cause heavy car accidentsand may sometimes attack pets or bystanders.

lie a #cinghial goes to spasso in piazza Verbano, the plague suina africana carried a nuovo (piccolo) lockdown a #Roma: la zona del Parco dell’Insugherata, dove è stato trovato il primo animal infetto sarà chiusa ai cittadini

Sun @giudefilippi:

— Il Foglio (@ilfoglio_it) May 6, 2022

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Concern grows in Rome

If the inhabitants have been sounding the alarm for several years, the authorities are not putting anything in place to fight effectively against this scourge. However, the problem of wild boars is increasingly becoming a absolute urgency for the Romans.

Some residents of the Aurelio district, north of Rome, have even decreed a “night curfew” to protect himself.

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