Two doggies are talking.

The first: “Name of a dog! He forgot to take a bag again”. The second replies: “So we’re in the m…” This photo (in comic style) is the new awareness campaign of the municipality of Villeneuve-Loubet for dog owners. By this summer, the City will remove some 38 canine waste bag dispensers that have been in place for about ten years.

“It costs 3,000 euros per year to the municipality”

The reason? “We have people who, as soon as the stock is filled, come and loot it”, assures the mayor, Lionel Luca (1). Conclusion: “Two months ago, we had a shortage. We didn’t restock them and we realized that there was no more dog droppings on the sidewalks.”

The municipality spread the word on its Facebook account and will hang posters this week to make owners responsible. First, prevention. Later, the verbalization. “We warned our ASVPs to pass on the information. But in a while, we will verbalize because it is the law”, decides the first magistrate of Villeneuve-Loubet. Lionel Luca also took out the calculator: “It costs the municipality 3,000 euros per year, i.e. the cost of a discovery class for children”. And convert… “3,000 euros, that’s 20,000 francs!” In other words, the City prefers to spend them elsewhere. Already seeing the criticisms arrived, the mayor launches: “We fully assume and if you don’t like it, it’s the same. It’s not the municipality that offers kibble so it doesn’t have to give bags.”

1. In 2020, the mayor had already issued an order against dog droppings.